Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Nursery and Newborn Pics

Here I am...finally, almost another whole month has passed. Seriously, when I go back to work next month and I'm sitting in front of a computer all day, you'll get SO many more updates from me! Pinky swear promise. 

What I do have for you is to share our newborn photos and FINALLY nursery photos. We are so so happy with how everything turned out and we're even almost done with our baby girls room. (more to share on her on another post)

Now...the boys...they are AMAZING! Growing like crazy and are simply a delight. They light up my world in so many ways that there are just no words. And they are great babies! I keep waiting for the day that all changes. But they cry (not super loud) when they are hungry, getting changed or just want some snuggles. Any or all of those three things, fix all that is wrong in their world. Being pregnant with newborns certainly has a few challenges and I think these guys are just taking it easy on me for that reason. I'm dreading the day I go back to work and have to leave them. It will probably break my heart into a million pieces.

Finally...our nursery is finished and I'm ready to share!! It meant so much to me that Trevor made the states for the walls. His friend had some reclaimed wood that we cut them out of. I'm so happy how they turned out. I want these guys to always know the journey that brought them home to us.

And here are our newborn pics. These were shot 3 weeks ago. So when I post their two month photo soon, you'll see the big difference between then and now! 

And this last photo...was our official Facebook announcement. As of yesterday, we were 24 weeks. Viability!