protocol for thin lining

1)   Ultrasound of ovaries on cycle day two
2)   If no cysts, begin Estrace, 2 mg three times daily
3)   After 10-14 days of treatment, repeat ultrasound, focusing on ovaries and endometrium
4)   If lining is at least 5 mm, and follicles are in synchrony with respect to size, measure estradiol and progesterone in blood
5)   If progesterone is less than 1 ng/mL, begin stimulation with injectable fertility drugs and continue the Estrace at the same dose
6)   Monitor follicle development as per the doctor’s usual routine and measure estradiol and uterine lining at each visit
7)   As the estradiol level in blood begins to rise above that noted prior to beginning the fertility medication, begin to tapir the dose of estradiol
8)   Administer HCG when follicle maturity (and hopefully a good lining) has been achieved 

After step 8, either insemination or IVF with egg recovery.   

(protocol by Dr. Charles March at California Fertility Partners)

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  1. Hi there, just wanted to introduce myself. Our stories have parallels... I did DEIVF at SDFC because I have DOR. AFC of 6, borderline high FSH, and similarly abysmal AMH of 0.17. My DOR was caused by a wonky chromosome, so going the DE route was an easy decision.

    I blog about my journey at (pls email for password). I'm almost 15 weeks, so understand if my blog isn't the place for you right now, but I'm always interested in connecting with fellow DEIVF mamas and mamas-to-be.

    FWIW, during my mock cycle my uterine lining wasn't very responsive on even 10mg daily of estradiol, so I had to have injections. I did much better, got all the way up to 8mm before transfer. If you haven't tried injections, that might be worth asking about?

    Wishing you much luck for a successful mock cycle!

    Lauren x