tid bits about me

Actually, I'm going to start with what I'm not. A mother. That way, when I tell you I'm a daughter, sister, friend, random stranger, as of recently a blogger and most importantly to date...a wife, it doesn't sound like I'm not beyond proud of what I AM. However, my hope to being a mother is what my blog is about.

--I'm the Controller for an ad agency and my husband is a Creative Director at a different agency in town.

--I live in the midwest (for now) a transplant from the south. I no longer have my southern accent, unless of course, I choose to.

--I want to find a new phrase for AF - Aunt Flo...I've always avoided that term and since joining the TTC world, I unfortunately, have had to embrace it. 

--I'm 34, basically 35 in less than 2 months, but I'm not ready to accept that yet or be in that "35 and older" category. Okay, officially 35 (I mean 36) now...poop...well hell, might as well say I'm 38 now.

--I read. often.

--I shop. even more often.

--I'm obsessed with food. Really good food.

--Red wine and a bestie can get me out of just about any funk.

--I know an obscene amount of pregnant women at this very moment.

--I ramble, I apologize.

--Lets be clear about my earlier note about the obscene amount of pregnant women...that being said, I am beyond excited for any of you TTC'ers that get your BIG FAT POSITIVES. It is after all, the ultimate goal in this journey for all of us. Please continue to keep in touch. Even if I complain about all the knocked up chicks I know, I'm just venting.

--I love comments. They're the best.



  1. Hi Suz! Just hopped over to your blog (since we're blog title twinks!) and the hubs and I are from the midwest (KC) as well AND I work for an ad agency located there! You should stop by my blog and tell me which one you work at! Ours is in the DR industry. :) Anyway, hope your stork comes soon. I have a lot of friends on your same journey and I know it's rough but just hang in there!

  2. Wow, Suz. I just realized that you and your hubby are both in advertising. So am I. What agencies do y'all work for?

    1. I work at Bradley and Mongtomery and T works for Young and Laramore. Where do you work??

  3. Hi! Found your blog from another blog! Look forward to following your story. :)

  4. I love this! So interesting to learn more about you guys! (My fellow TTC'ers). You are beautiful!

  5. I love that photo of you! And I agree, red wine and a girl chat are the best cures for anything!

  6. Just found your blog and love it. Although I don't know an obscene amount of pregnant women at the moment it's mostly because almost every woman I know has 1-2 kiddos. Yup, sucks a lot some days.

  7. I honestly read through your entire blog today at work :/ but, I fell in love with your story and I'm so happy to hear how far you have come! Good luck with everything and I'm excited to hear more updates!


  8. Hi Suzanne

    I followed dreaming of dimples and read your beautiful story about using K as a surrogate.
    My husband and I are having a difficult journey and wondering if it would be possible if you asked K to get in touch with us.
    We have undergone IVF and have all embryos frozen. We just need someone to help us carry them as I'm suffering from Ashermans as well and just found out when we were getting ready to transfer.

    I didn't know how else to contact you but your journey was so touching and we are so tired of suffering at this point we just want to have our embryos grow into babies.

    If K is okay with this I can maybe email you? I didn't want to post my email on the website as we haven't shared this option with anyone.

    Thanks so much

    1. Hi!! Can you email me at suzkwilliams@yahoo.com?

  9. Hi Suzanne,
    I have followed your blog for a while, and it gives me strength like nothing else on our journey! We are also with CCRM, and are now looking at gestational surrogacy, thanks to Asherman's syndrome. We are talking to someone in Texas, and are also going independent. I'd love to chat with you on if there is anything you'd tell future parents, and also on who you worked with for legal counsel in Texas. If there is a good email to reach you at, I'll just drop you a note there. Thanks again for sharing your story. And congratulations on your gorgeous little men!

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