Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Good news

Yesterday was a big day. We had our ultrasound with our MFM to look at a particular part of my placenta to see if it was or was not placenta accreta. 

It was not. 

My placenta looks great. Go figure. After all these years of calling my uterus "crap", I feel a little guilty. It's doing it's thing. What more could I ask? 

Her bowels also did not look echogenic at this appointment. Which is awesome. Further reassurance that it was just another fluke that backs up all the tests that we've gone through to rule out any abnormalities. 

What they DID find was that this little gal is a whopping 6 pounds and 1 ounce at 34 weeks. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. I'm a 112 pound girl (pre-pregnancy) and was only 6 pounds and change when I was born at 39 weeks. Granted, Trevor was a 9 pound baby and if you've seen pictures of our twins, there is no shortage of cheeks, chins and fat rolls at our house. So apparently, she's taking after them and will be a little chunk. Her head was 98th percentile (WTF people) and her tummy is 87th percentile with her femur measuring around 85th percentile. 

My doctor seems pretty against inducing early, which is seriously stressing me out. She's also very low. They had trouble getting her head measurements because she's so far down in my pelvis. However, after a little reading, that doesn't really mean much about going into labor early. 

Speaking of...I spent Saturday night in the hospital. I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions since week 28. On Saturday, they were coming about every 7 minutes for several hours and by the time I was hooked up to monitors at triage, they were every 5 minutes. She was doing great, so I received a Terbutaline Injection which stopped the contractions and I got to go home. They weren't painful and my cervix was not affected. 

I have a lot of back pain, pelvic pain, carpel tunnel issues (my hands go numb at night), acid reflux and most recently, my hands and feet are swelling. And, I would take all of these things and much much more to get to be these little ones mom. It's 6 more weeks. I've got this. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

4 Month Update

My precious little loves are 4 months old. While I won't have a true statistic update until next week, I can't help but post about how simply amazing they are. They both have such sweet and very distinct personalties. They've also started sleeping about 8.5 hours per night. Their very pregnant mama REALLY appreciates this little gift.

Meet Casey, aka Twin A

Casey was and still is a chill little dude. Even in utero. He spent much of his 9 months in the lower corner or Kelly's uterus curled up and super content. He has stayed true to those first glimpses of his personality. He's perfectly content being put down anywhere, but also absolutely loves to literally melt into your chest when you hold him. He has a lip quiver that will literally turn you into a puddle. If he keeps that little quirk, I'm pretty sure he could get away with anything. He's my sweet, sensitive soul. He's more reserved with his smiles, but when he does give you one, it lights up the room. I'm completely wrapped around his chubby little finger. He loves his bottle. Just check out those cheeks and you'll see that is no joke. He definitely is a bit rounder than his brother, but has typically been about 1/2 pound less than Britton. Curious to see if that is still the case come next Wednesday at their 4 month wellness appointment.

Meet Britton, aka Twin B

Britton was all over the place in utero, keeping Kelly up at all hours and giving nurses fits at the hospital just to keep monitors on him. He's sassy and full of spunk. He wants to be held. A lot. And not just held, but walked around. It's like an instant soother. He also has some of the most awesome facial expressions I've ever seen. No doubt this is my funny guy. He adores being talked to. One of his favorite things is sitting on his daddy's lap and this weird little "thing" they do. I can't even explain it, other than to say, it's hilarious and he loves it. He also loves baths with his mama. He likes to eat, but he's not necessarily a "finish every single drop, every single time" like his brother is. He's got chins for days (I've included a special picture just to show you how many), but he seems a little more dispersed than Casey with his weight.

Both little guys are getting stronger and stronger with their neck and back strength. I'm so so proud at how far they've come since their days as wee little things in the NICU!

It's still difficult to wrap my head around how blessed we are. I can't imagine these two not in my life. I can't imagine not coming home to them or waking up to their sweet, smiling faces. I wouldn't trade these moments in their life for anything in the world. I only wish I could keep them little forever. But then, I also look forward to all the stages of their lives. 

Here's how much they love each other...most of the time. ;)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"Your baby looks wonderful"

Those are some pretty strong words for someone coming from the infertility depths in which I've been. But that's what she said after my first NST (nonstress test) this morning. "Your baby looks wonderful".

I feel like everyone is waiting for a complication. A blip in this otherwise seemingly great pregnancy. Other than aches and pains, which I would gladly suffer through for as long as it takes, this pregnancy really has been, well, normal. Other than the constant monitoring, but that's more because the risk is there.

But she...she is great. It's all up to my body to just hang in there a little longer. As of yesterday, I was 32 weeks. In 6 more days I'll be at the same point in which my boys were born. I certainly would rather she didn't come early...but if she did, my little guys are proof that all will be fine. I take comfort in that.

I'll be doing weekly NST's for the remainder of the pregnancy. This little gal is in the 81st percentile and measuring 3 weeks ahead. I can't believe I'm actually looking at having a BIG baby. How that's possible, I have no idea. My husband arrived in this world weighing around 9 pounds. So guess she's taking after him! My doctor seems to be against inducing early, regardless of her size. This should be interesting. Guess we'll find out at the MFM appointment when we find out about the placenta accreta in two weeks if it even matters.

My boys are amazing. Like I can't get enough of them. I miss them like crazy when I'm at work and think of them nonstop. The second I get home, I don't know who's happier, them or me. Probably me. I sometimes want to pinch myself because none of this seems like it should be real. How is it fair? There are women I still think of often and pray get their miracle. They deserve it so much. How is it possible that regardless of what I've gone through, here I am about to have my third child in less than 6 months? The realization and guilt does overwhelm me at times.

But I couldn't, wouldn't change a thing. Not the years of infertility. Not using an egg donor. Not using a surrogate. Even if I knew then, what I know now...it wouldn't matter. Those boys light up my world. They are my first born and will for the rest of my life, be the little loves of my life.

My sweet, sweet Britton & Casey
3.5 months

Monday, October 26, 2015

My little girl - Finally an update on her

I haven't posted a ton about my pregnancy. I guess life has been so focused on the boys at this point, that most everything revolves around them. I take care of myself and I'm enjoying the pregnancy as much as I can, but they are here smiling at me every single day, so it's hard not to talk about them, them and well, more of them.

So...here's a bit of an update on HER. Her name is Liddy Rose. We didn't keep it secret as we did the boys. It's a name we always liked and decided on it as soon as we knew this was a little girl. We wanted something that was an updated version of my mother's name but not the same. Her name was Linda.

I've been monitored very, VERY closely this entire pregnancy. I am or have been at a high risk for placenta issues; placenta previa (don't have), placenta accreta (or percreta), preterm labor and incompetent cervix (don't have). So this entire pregnancy I've had cervical checks, monthly ultrasounds and multiple visits to the MFM. Not that I mind the extra monitoring, I don't, for even a second with all we went through to have this little miracle right here in front of us, and only a few months away from being able to hold her in our arms. 

The issues that have come up are marginal cord insertion, which they aren't concerned about, especially since it can cause growth restrictions, but for her, it has not in the least. So it's just something they watch. 

Echogenic bowel. So if you remember, the boys BOTH had this as well from 20 weeks on. This is supposed to be rare. It also can be a soft marker for downs syndrome, cystic fibrosis or a virus such as Toxoplasmosis or CMV. We've gone through multiple screens for down syndrome and we're at very low risk. Trevor was genetically tested at CCRM and is not a carrier for CF, so again, an extremely low risk there. I was tested for the above mentioned viruses and I was negative. So just like Kelly and the boys we have this fluke that we just watch that it seems will be nothing, just like it was nothing with the boys. I certainly am less freaked out about it after going through this before and knowing it really can mean nothing at all. But so strange that all three of my children have this odd little fluke in utero. 

I also failed my 1-hour glucose test. I was pretty nervous going into the 3-hour but I got word yesterday that I passed! To add that complication to the mix would have been pretty stressful. But because Liddy is measuring at about 75th percentile, I was thinking it really was a good possibility that I would fail. 

I also have regular Braxton Hicks, sometimes every few minutes. However, I was monitored in L&D one night and they aren't effecting my cervix at all. I just need to try and take it easy when I can. Hard to do that with all I have going on, but, I'm doing my best. Luckily, sitting or lying down tends to make them stop. 

Lastly, placenta accreta. They've been monitoring me for this since week 20. I've seen the MFM twice and their is an area of concern, but they aren't ready to call it accreta yet. However, at 34 weeks I'll be seeing him again and they'll be looking for a more concrete decision on that area and how to proceed. If it is an accreta or potential accreta, I'll be having a c-section and most likely a hysterectomy. IF they do the hysterectomy, I've requested that they remove my ovaries as well. My biggest concern obviously, for all of this is the recovery. Not only will I have a newborn, but I'll also have 5 month old twins. To think about how long I'll be down and not able to truly care for them hurts my heart. But, I also want Liddy to be delivered as safely as possible for her and me. I've asked that my ovaries be removed in that instance because of my family history. My mother's ovarian cancer was very aggressive and resistant to chemotherapy. I've also found links to endometriosis and that specific cell type of cancer. If they are in there removing parts, I'd rather go through a bit of menopause vs. risking the chance of my babies having to lose their mother and my husband losing his wife. My mother died only 14 years older than I am right now. This is something I was planning on doing in about 5 years regardless. I've put a lot of thought into this and while I know that it's a big decision, we've been beyond blessed in ways that can not be measured this year. I could not feel more complete with our little family. 

So I'm going into this with no birth plan. I've waited too long and worked too hard to stress over how she comes into the world. The fact that she does in fact come into the world safely is my plan. 
My due date is January 4th. We kinda hope she's born in December just so we can say all our babies were born in 2015. How crazy. But whenever she arrives, we will be over the moon. It's a happiness that I wish for anyone and everyone that wants so badly to hold their child in their arms. We are in a far different place than we were just one year ago. 

How far along:  The above picture was taken today - 30 weeks
Total weight gain?  This is a point of stress for me. I've gained 37 pounds this pregnancy. Seems like an awful lot for a singleton. My doctor doesn't seem to concerned, but with 10 weeks left, I'm a bit nervous!
Maternity clothes?  Yes. I can wear my pre-pregnancy leggings, but everything else is maternity.
Stretch marks?  Still none... just biding my time though.
Sleep:  Ha. This is a funny one. Between 3 month old twins, going pee every hour and being overall uncomfortable, I'm pretty sure sleep is just a thing of my past. And that's okay!
Best moment this week:  Passing my 3-hour glucose test after failing my 1-hour. Whew!!
Miss anything?  Sushi and red wine. But giving it up has been absolutely worth it a million times over.
Movement:  Lots and lots of this! And it's really kicked into high gear these past few weeks. I love every little kick!
Food cravings:  Pasta, french fries, apples and ice cream. Probably why I'm up 37 pounds.
Anything make you queasy or sick?  Haven't felt queasy since the first trimester, thank goodness.
Gender:  A little miss.
Labor Signs:  Braxton Hicks seem to be a regular thing for me. Mostly when I'm up walking around a lot or cleaning, etc. When I sit or lie down, they stop.
Symptoms:  Just back pain and pelvic bone pain. I'm seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist to help. I'm sure it's because not only am I carrying this baby inside me, but also carrying two on the outside, so this is no surprise. Also have a bit of heartburn and I'm stuffy a lot at night.  
Belly button in or out?  It's WAY out. I always had a borderline outtie...so it's been out since about 20 weeks.
Wedding rings on or off?  Still on
Looking forward to:  My 34 week ultrasound with the MFM to really have an indication of what kind of labor this will be. 

 Her sweet profile
It appears our baby girl will hold her own against her brothers. Check out her biceps!

I think she looks like Casey.

Luckily, we got the majority of her nursery done before we left for Texas. Only had a few finishing touches when we got home. Funny. We use her nursery a lot right now when we are both changing or rocking the boys. It comes in pretty handy having two! (Liddy's room is Stella the cat's favorite place to be)

The 4 photos make up the Wizard of Oz Quote:
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Skies are Blue
And Dreams that you Dare to Dream
Really do Come True"