our story

Where do I start. I met my husband over 11 years ago when I moved into the apartment above him. We were married in June, 2011 after 10 years together. Our engagement story was worth the wait without a doubt which is why I have to make it a part of my blog. It's who we are. 

"Trevor was working in NYC for Fashion Week. He was supposed to be gone from Wednesday to Saturday. We even made a few plans for Saturday night once he was back in town, I had appts scheduled, you know...NO IDEA I might have travel plans. 

Friday night a few of my friends came over for pizza night and girl chatter. Right around the time we were sitting down to eat, I received a text from that said "got you something"...of course I'm like...something from NY...love it. His next text said to look behind a painting on our mantle. There was an envelope. Inside were a series of cards...telling me that in less than 12 hours, I'd be on a plane to New York. 

So girls night turned into, "AGH...what am I going to wear!" mode and we all went to my closet to make it a group effort. About 8:15, my bestie made the wise suggestion that we head to the mall...I mean, 45 minutes is plenty of time!!! So we all run to the car, race to the mall, run through the parking lot, rushing up the escalators...found the perfect "little items" and the perfect dress, and was out of the mall by 8:58. 

Oh, at this point Trevor has also told me we're not speaking on the phone for the evening. I'm like WHAT?!! TOTALLY killing me. He only told me a driver would pick me up at the airport via texting (and demanded I go to bed). 

Next morning (at 4 am) I'm wide awake, hauling my little self to the airport. (actually my future sister-in-law hauled me) At this point, I'm on the verge of throwing up over my nerves! By the time I landed, my stomach was all kinds of freaking out! I'm nervous to see him, I'm nervous about what this whole surprise is all about, and dare I hope that IT might actually happen after all these years. 

I'm taken to the hotel (still no text or calls with him) and walk in the door and he's in the lobby waiting for me. Well that's all it took. Emotions are barely being contained now. Which has him choking up too!! We were both scared to death! haha!! He takes me to the room and in the sitting area there is a bottle of champagne from Domaine Caneros that we bought back in 2008 on our Napa Valley trip that we had been saving. Next to that was a small box he asked me to open. Inside...a fortune. Actually, the fortune I had gotten out of a fortune cookie 7 years ago and had saved. "Be patient. Good things come to those who wait". 

Cue tears. 

He says to me, well I need to do this now so we can enjoy the rest of the day! Got on his knee and proposed!!! Major emotional, amazing, wonderful moment. 

We decide we need to let our nerves settle down and relax. Before making phone calls, before leaving the room to explore NY...we just cuddled up and relaxed. That's all it took, the rest of the day, I couldn't stop smiling. No more butterflies!!! 

He had our day all planned out. As we walked around the city, we made our phone calls to fill in our family and friends. Some were so excited. Some were in total in shock and SOME, didn't believe us at first!! (His grandmother had given up on us!) We had an amazing lunch at Mario Batali's Eataly Market—the most delicious homemade pasta and freshly made mozzerella. SO good. 

From there we headed to the empire state building. Clichè, we know, but, I'll remember it forever!! It was freezing outside, but we managed to get a few good photos up on top!!

Next, off to SoHo for a bit of shopping!!! 

Around 5:30 we headed back to the hotel...Trevor had scheduled us for massages. JUST what I needed. So perfect.

Back to our room, popped open the champagne and relaxed. (even shared a little dance!) After we got ready we headed out for dinner at The Waverly Inn. The place was packed. And the food incredible!!! David Spade sat a few tables away...does that count as a famous sighting? I guess.

After that kind of emotionally draining day, we couldn't even consider an after dinner drink. Headed back to the hotel and ended our fabulous day. 

By 3 pm we were home. Seriously, I don't think I could have ever imagined a more perfect proposal, a more perfect weekend or a more perfect Fiancè!!"

A few short months later we were married and ready to start the next chapter of lives...


  1. What a beautiful story. Sounds like you have a great guy. And that picture is lovely. Could you be any prettier?!?!

  2. Love the proposal!!! So perfect!

  3. This is truly an adorable memory! My prayers are with you and your husband as this whole mess ya'll are handling is unraveled. Hoping 2014 is a better year!!!

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  5. Your story is very exciting with me, waiting for the next article :)