thin lining meds

I had a request for the list of meds that I've been given for my thin lining. This is certainly something I searched and searched for myself, so I'm more than happy to have this here for others to learn from.

My list of meds all came from Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine and from Dr. Charles March (leading Asherman's Syndrome doctor)

Obviously I'm still working on my miracle, but I've seen improvement with each new cycle. Hopefully one or more of these meds will work for you!!

Trental 2x per day
Vitamin E 1000mg per day
Viagra (suppositories 4x per day)
Vitamin B
Vitamin C
Fish Oil

Home/Natural remedies
Red Raspberry Leaf Tea
Caster Oil Pack (1x per day from when your period ends to ovulation--30 minutes-1 hours)
Electroacupuncture (3-4 times prior to ovulation)
Walking/Yoga!! Keeping your blood flow going is essential for a healthy lining. (Try to be mindful of things like crossing your legs above the knee...that constricts your blood flow.)
Foods like avocados, salmon, etc (good fats).

My most successful lining has been when using stimulating hormones.

Low dose Gonal-f and Menopur (starting on CD 2/3 through ovulation)

Gonal F - Started on 37.5iu per day, slowly increased to 100iu per day
Menopur - 75iu per day

Also discuss with your doctor to try the G-CSF uterine flush (see other tab on blog for complete description)

Hope this helps anyone dealing with VERY frustrating "thin lining" issues.


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  1. Thanks so much for this Suzanne! I was actually just searching for an email for you to ask you how your lining is doing? I know you are now going through the GS process but I know it improved a great deal those last few months and wondering if you have still been monitoring your lining, is it improving? Anything you think is actually working?? I am so frustrated....I know you know how I feel :( Thanks again for always sharing with fellow thin lining girls and best of luck with your are on your way to bringing home your baby!!! xoxo