Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Another Milestone...check.

The IUD is officially GONE!

After the fuss and hassle that she went through last week, I was so happy that once she was numbed it came right out. I was so hoping this would be the case. The more I read about IUD's and the potential for surgery to remove them, I was a bit worried.

I certainly want to avoid any surgery on her uterus at this point. Maybe it's my past experience, but when you get this close to a dream and then a little scar tissue from a routine surgery changes your path forever...well...it's hard to get over. So lets just say, we're all very happy that it's out!

I could tell she was relieved to have this step checked off the list and she was also able to get her clearance letter from the OBGYN that removed the IUD.

Not only that...but if you remember back a few posts when I discussed the first few pregnancies she had and the fact that the records were no longer available...well this doctor is the one that monitored those pregnancies. So maybe it's just me, or wishful thinking...but I would say a letter stating she's cleared from surrogacy from him would at least hold a little bit of weight.

So now we simply wait on CCRM. The records review process takes 2-4 weeks. We're officially at 2.5 weeks today. Would love to hear something this week.

Once we hear from them, they will do a brief phone interview with her to discuss the upcoming ODWU. Because of the IUD she has to wait for two periods. She expects a period in early October, which would put the ODWU in November. Between now and then, we just wait.

I'm also considering making a few changes to my blog. Even potentially moving it to a new URL. Our Journey to a Baby Bump just doesn't seem to fit anymore. Still...just something I'm muling over at this point and considering possible names. I would never remove this blog because I know how difficult it can be to find information on Diminished Ovarian Reserve, Asherman's Syndrome and even Gestational Surrogacy, especially from an intended mother's perspective. I want that here on the off chance that it could help even just one woman dealing with any similar issues.

Needless to say, today, I'm just happy. All kinds of smiles and lovely thoughts. I've missed the days were hope was abundant.

Welcome back, hope.

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Week of IUD Hell

Just a not-so-fun update of what's been going on this week.

My GC was scheduled to have her IUD removed on Tuesday. She was super nervous and I told her that in my experience they just pulled it right out in like 2 seconds and wasn't nearly as awful coming out as it was going in.

Well...that's in a good scenario apparently.

She went in for her appointment and her doctor couldn't find the strings. He informed her that she would have to come back the next day for an ultrasound and if it was in place, he'd try again. If it wasn't, she'd have to have it removed under sedation as an outpatient surgery.

On Wednesday, she went in, had her ultrasound, the IUD was in place, the strings were just really short, right at the edge of her cervix. Problem was, the doctor was off in surgery.

Mind you...she's driving 42 miles each way for these appointments. I can only imagine her frustration at this point. This is what I took from the emoticon's she was sending me that day...

Yesterday, she went back AGAIN and the doctor tried to get it, but was unable to due to the pain it was causing. She's now scheduled to go in next Tuesday morning and he plans on numbing her cervix in order to be able to get it out. He has promised it WILL be removed on Tuesday.

I feel absolutely awful for all she's going through with this and let me tell you, she's being a major trooper and has certainly shown her commitment this week!

She's still mid-cycle, so if it comes out next Tuesday, it won't change our timeline. We still think her second period will arrive in early November and her ODWU would be mid-month.

We're also still waiting to hear from CCRM. I checked in yesterday and they are "still reviewing" her records. Shouldn't this take like an hour?? My fellow CCRMer also using a GC said they took a full 4 weeks. You have got to be kidding me with this. It's been 2 weeks today...so we're half way there. Yippee. (Please read every bit of sarcasm that was meant in that last line--or refer to the picture above)

Other than that...things are good! I feel really positive about where we are at this moment. I hope that things go well on Tuesday and it causes her very little discomfort.

I also hope that CCRM has no qualms about her records...I'm pretty sure at this point, if they did...I'd just ship my embryos to Texas!

Fingers crossed for a much better update next week!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

First Steps Often Mean the Most

Several things to update today. One...I've been a horrendously bad blogger as of late. I'm so sorry and I am going to try really hard to get better.

Blogging has become difficult being in this in between stage. I don't know what to write about? Life has felt very settled down lately, and on one hand, that's a really good thing. The first half of our summer was insane with travel and FET's and appointments, weddings, weekend company, you name it...

The past month or so, I've been a very content little homebody. What comes with that is the lack of anything exciting to talk about especially when my infertility journey is in limbo. What I can say is that the past month, T and I have had a lot of special moments together. Moments that have been much needed and I'm incredibly grateful for. It's certainly helped pass the time while we wait for the next chapter of infertility to begin.

Labor Day, 2014 -- AVP Tournament in Cincinnati

The great thing is...I finally have an update! The first step is official. CCRM has our GC's records for review!! Better yet, Dr. G informed me that her pregnancy induced hypertension would not be a disqualifier. (Hot diggity!

According to the nurse, the doctor will take 2-4 weeks to review her records for "initial approval". Lets hope it's more on the 2 week side of that. The IUD is also scheduled to be removed on September 16th...that's one week away and we'll officially have step 2 complete! 

My GC and I communicated back and forth all day on Friday. I think I sat at my desk at work bouncing up and down in my chair, smiling at my computer screen like a 5-year old. 

Shit got real. And I love it!! I'm so excited. Not for one second this weekend did I think about the fact that someone else could be carrying our baby instead of me. All I thought about was that maybe, just maybe, by the end of 2015, we could finally be a family. 

So we celebrated this small, but very significant milestone with a yummy dinner out, complete with our favorite bottle of wine. 

I cannot wait for things to continue to progress. I cannot WAIT to share more and more about this process and about my gestational carrier. I can't wait to give her a name...and stop calling her "GC" or "gestational carrier"! 

Keep the good thoughts coming and I know that day will arrive.