Thursday, June 23, 2016

11 Month + 6 Month Update

I never wanted to stop blogging. And I guess I technically haven't, as obviously, I haven't, completely. But when I notice my posts getting further and further apart, my heart aches. I want to write about so much. There really is so much to share about my experience, my life, my new normal. I am, a month since my last post, and there is still no free time to speak of.

I never understood how parents could take DAYS to respond to a simple text. I mean, your phone is always with you. It takes like 2 seconds, right? Well not only are my responses sometimes delayed. I feel like I've fallen off the face of the earth to many of my dear friends that I used to text with on a daily (some hourly) basis.

My post my be all over the place. It may ramble.'s a post and it's the best I've got right now in this 15 minute window that I sit at work (in the bathroom pumping). Really, that's the only me time I get, and many times I literally tilt my head back and doze. In a bathroom.

And you know what? I'm deliriously happy. We are crazy busy. There are a lot of things that have gone right out the window that we used to do. Our priority now? Eating, feeding, sleeping, holding, working, playing...rinse and repeat. update:

Britton + Casey

Turned 11 months. I cannot even believe it's been that long since they literally stole my heart. And every day, I love them more and more and wonder how that's even possible.

Casey is my little chunk of love. He's knocking on the door of 25 pounds. Literally only a few ounces away. He finally started crawling a few weeks ago. And once he did that, he immediately started standing...and cruising. It's like there is no stopping him. And he's not dainty (obviously). He just barrels right through anything and everything. Casey, smash....that's a nutshell. But he's so loving. If I would hold him in my arms all night long, he would be in pure heaven. He wraps his arms around me and squeezes tight. So we call him Casey Bear still...because there is nothing better than a Casey Bear Hug.

Britton has been crawling for a few months now. And he's been standing the past several weeks. And cruising. He's my little spider monkey. He just clings with all 4 limbs when you pick him up. And he's a little needier. When he's upset or tired, you know, because all he wants it to just sit in your lap. He's started to have a little separation anxiety when we leave a room. His sweet face when he yells "ma ma ma ma ma ma ma" (to Trevor or myself) can break me in two. He's been pretty stable at around 22 pounds. No question he's the slimmer of the two!

Together they are either the best of friends or completely angry at each other...usually over a toy or a pacifier. They are such paci snatchers! Right out of each others mouth. It's hilarious. They love to just smile and laugh at each other which warms my heart. May they always, always have such love for each other. Love, respect and kindness. And I will have done my job.


Oh Liddy Rose. She's 6 months going on a year. (16 pounds, 8 ounces) She watches everything they do and is leaps and bounds ahead of where they were at her age. She's army crawling, sitting up on her own and getting on her hands and knees and rocking. I know it's their prematurity that has them behind, but holy moly, she's determined to do what they do. They crawl all over her and she isn't phased in the least. It's just a normal day in her life to have one brother trying to sit on her and the other one eating/sucking on her leg, butt or arm. She loves them though. And they love her. They stand up on her apparatuses and just laugh and talk to her. I finally started giving her a little bit of oatmeal the week she turned 6 months. Even though the pediatrician pushed for 4 months. I wanted her EBF for a solid 6 months, and she was. She's a big comfort nurser at night. I'd say it's something we're working on, but we aren't. I don't mind. And I kinda love it. So, we're co-sleeping at the moment.

She is without a doubt a mama's girl. No question, no doubts, it is what it is. And you get no complaints out of me! Maybe a few out of Casey and Britton when they also want their mama's lap, but we always make room. She's still my super happy baby. She's content about 98% of the day. She wakes up smiling and goes to sleep smiling. I can't ask for much more than that.

We're planning the boys 1st birthday party. I'd say I hope to write again before that, but lets be realistic. That will be my next post. So until then...


  1. I remember when I used to edit my posts over and over again and now I don't even spell check! Love hearing any update on your trio and love hearing that you're so happy

  2. So glad they are all doing well. Lucy is almost 21m and I still have a hard time writing more than once or twice a month. You'll write when you can, and we'll be here.

  3. Oh my goodness the picture of them standing on the couch is just the cutest thing ever!!! Your baby girl is your twin, so precious!

  4. I love updates from your sweet family. I mean, these babies... seriously. Could they be any more squishy??

  5. Your babies are so adorable! Gosh Liddy is your mini me and I love it. Can't believe they're turning one. Time flies by when all I want is for it to slow down.

  6. What a joyful update! So, so happy for you!

  7. So many rolls - so precious!! I love the updates. Bless you all.

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