Thursday, October 20, 2016

Little Liddy

My little girl is 10 months old. Well, technically a little over that now. But I'm not exactly on the ball these days. Is there any wonder? Cause if there is, there shouldn't be.

Liddy lights up my world. It breaks my heart just a little to know my baby is just a few short months away from being one. And babies won't be babies anymore.

Things to know about Liddy:

She loves her brothers. Most of the time. Except when:

1) They take her toys
2) They knock her down
3) They hog "mama time" (this is a biggie)

She's happy most of the time. Except when:

1) Mama isn't holding her
2) She can't see Mama
3) Mama's boob isn't out

She sleeps. Well, rarely.

She naps at most an hour, two times a day if we're lucky. She nurses till 8:30(ish) and goes down in her crib. Sometime between 10pm and 1pm, she wakes up and nurses again. Goes back to her crib. Wakes up again around 4:45am. Nurses again. Between 5:15 and 5:45, she's wide awake.

So. Mama is exhausted. Daddy is exhausted. We're going on over 15 months of not sleeping through the night. And it's catching up to us. We're cranky, irritable and just generally not much fun right now. And while many have suggestion for us to let her cry it out. Her tendency to make herself vomit within 5-10 minutes of that and the fact that I know, she's crying for ME, and I refuse to diminish in even the slightest way, that beautiful demeanor she has, we've decided that's not for us. So, we continue on. In hopes that in the coming months, she'll begin to wean herself from a feeding or two.

Eating. She kinda eats. More likes sucks on her food and then spits it out. She likes pouches that she can hold and suck on. She's still obsessed with oatmeal baby cereal. Probably because it's laced with breastmilk, but if I want to get food in her belly, I know that's the sure-fire way to do it. Oh, and those little freeze dried yogurt snacks. Her eyes literally light up when I hold up the bag.

She weighs 18 1/2 pounds. (ish) She wears size 3 diapers and size 6-12 month clothes or 9 months, depending on the brand I guess. The 12 month clothes still swallow her. She also wears a size 2 shoe. So apparently she got my little feet.

She loves to push things. Anything. Toys, laundry baskets, diaper pails. You name it. She'll push it. She gets that from Casey. She loves her mama. Her whole world lights up when I walk in the room. And yes, my heart melts into a giant puddle. She likes to play quietly and independently. I love it when she does this. She can be very meticulous with whatever she's playing with. It's so sweet. She likes to drum on her brothers heads. She's standing for 10-20 seconds. Has been doing this for several weeks now, so I know it's only a matter of time before she walks. Heaven help us.

Breastfeeding is still going well. I still pump 2-3 times at work 3 days a week and nurse her the other 4 days and at night. For someone that never thought I'd enjoy breastfeeding, I never want to stop. I can't even think about stopping. So I won't. Moving on.

We recently did one year photos for all three. I thought it made most sense to split the difference between their birthdays. Not to mention October is the perfect time of year. I'll post them in the next few weeks when we get them back. I will say, getting images of 3 babies, happy AND still, is well, challenging. Hopefully there are a few that are good!

I'm busy planning her 1st birthday and I can't wait. It's going to be perfect! Will definitely be sharing all the details on her as the time comes.

The boys just turned 15 months, so I'll have another update in the next week! Stay tuned!!

Here are some recent Liddy 10 month photos!!



  1. I've started watching 'This is Us' and I think of your family! I hope the madness settles a bit in the coming months!

  2. Love this! You are doing amazing! And I totally get not doing CIO with your miracle breastfeeding babe. There will be a day when she sleeps through the night, and you will wake up and miss her. It's hard now, but you have a BABY who only wants YOU and your body has done absolutely everything right in making and caring for her! It's all such a glorious miracle. And I love that your family is complete, because you have no reason to quit nursing her!

    That said, I hope she starts sleeping a little bit more for your sanity! I think she's probably overtired somewhere in there and that's causing more wake ups, but figuring the particulars of that out takes some rocket science. Bedtime before 7 is something you could try, though I know that is crazy hard with a working family.

  3. Bowen is 11 months and still wakes at about the same times and I do the same thing. I want to feed him hold him and rock him back to sleep because I know it won't be forever so I don't let him cry it out either. I haven't had one full nights sleep either but I realized after going on a trip for 3 days, still not sleeping and missing him like crazy, that I don't mind being up during the night. He will sleep at some point. Liddy is beautiful and I love the picture of all three of them at the pumpkin patch, too cute!!

  4. How adorable! Wow, you've sure been blessed!- Kj

  5. How cute is this baby??? Gah.

    "She's happy most of the time. Except when:
    1) Mama isn't holding her
    2) She can't see Mama
    3) Mama's boob isn't out"

    I'm giggling over this. Girl loves her mama.

    That sleep schedule is rough. But I totally hear you. I could NOT let her cry like that, especially if she's vomiting. Hang in there Mama. One day. One day she will sleep through the night. And it will be glorious. :)

    I can't wait to hear about her party planning (because I'm in the same boat) and see all of their 1 year photos!

  6. she is so so so cute. But, I do hope ALL of you get more sleep asap

  7. She is beautiful! I'd love if you did a post on the million and one questions you must get when you're out and about with all three:) I imagine most people think they're triplets and she's just more petite???

  8. Look at our child grow up day by day is happiness.
    Liddy looks so cute. Congratulation you have a lovely princess.
    I love this post. Look forward to seeing more article like this.

  9. Awww! Such a cute baby... many many congratulations Suzanne

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