Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dazed and Confused

This was supposed to go in stages.

Stage I - Estrace for 3 weeks

Stage II - Progesterone for 10 days

Stage III - Start period and move into mock cycle, have a repeat HSC

Stage IV - IF my lining thickens as it should, do the integrin biopsy, if not repeat mock cycle

Stage V - DepoLupron for 2 months

Stage VI - FET cycle

So why is it that already, I'm fucking all of this up?! Or should I say, my body is?

Tuesday night, 4 days into my Prometrium, I started spotting. Weird. I think nothing of it. Wednesday morning, it's turning into a that pre-period brownish whatever. By that afternoon, there was no question, I was starting my period. And it's still going today.

So after 6 months of literally begging for a period, now I can't seem keep it away. I contacted my nurse at CCRM yesterday and she was not very helpful. I waited all day for a phone call only for her to tell me she needed to contact the doctor. Mmmmmm k. Then she called back to say, remain on the progesterone and call her next week with cycle day 1. I continued to ask her what if this is cycle day 1 and I don't bleed again next week. She just said "you should".

Come on people, lets be real. My body doesn't exactly do as it "should".

So after an evening of getting myself all worked up over questions like "does this mean if I don't bleed next week, that I'll have to wait another month for the mock cycle"? I have really waited long enough. I've been patient enough. This is NOT the answer I can even take at this point.

I decided this morning to email Dr. G. He's one of the few doctors at CCRM that does communicate so well through email, and I try to only bug him when I'm about to you know, flip the heck out. As soon as I hit send…I get an out of office reply. I almost cried on the spot. He's out of the office until next Tuesday and to expect delays next week on email responses.

Bless this man, because less than 5 minutes later, he responded to me. What he said, actually made sense. Why can't the nurses, if that's all we get to talk to, actually relay this stuff properly!?!?!

Dr. G said that he wants me to take the entire 10 days to ensure the lining is completely shed. I may or may not have a period after my last pill. If I don't within 3 days, they will still start my mock cycle and hysteroscopy at that time and will not delay the cycle.

Now that's a valid explanation. Thank you. I mean, it still confuses me a bit because I don't know what that means for cycle days, was yesterday cycle day 1? Or is cycle day 1, 3 days after my last Prometrium? I guess that's neither here nor there at this point, but you see my confusion?

So based on this information, I should be heading out to Denver the week of the 17th for my hysteroscopy. Luckily, this is the "easy" one in the office (if there is such a thing).

Have I ever mentioned that Prometrium makes me one cranky little gal?? Well it does. I'm a real treat right now.

T was doing impressions of my "permanent scowl" the other day. Funny. Very funny. If only I had a picture of that to post, it would have been priceless.



  1. Haha. I think everything I take makes me grumpy. And then, when I'm not taking anything I'm grumpy too because we're not progressing. I just wish men could experience the hormonal fluctuations, or even one day of PMS. The world would be a different place, now wouldn't it!

    I'm glad that you got a much more reasonable explanation from the doctor. I wish I could do that with mine. I wish the nurses could relay more information, or ask more questions of the doctors knowing that they need to explain to the patient.

  2. Thank heaven for Dr. G! I'm so happy you have him! And ugh! Prometrium really IS the devil drug!!

  3. UGH! I hate the whole cycle guessing game. And to have to figure it out and deal with it while on Prometrium.... GIRL scowl away. That sounds terrible!! I agree you have waited long enough. I hope your body gets it's act together. You're on my mind.....

  4. I don't think I have ever had that drug but it sounds like I don't wanna! lol! I can see why you are a bit confused...I think I am still confused :/ Praying for ya girl and hoping everything works out perfectly! hugs!

  5. Oh girl!!! I know this is so hard!!!! Sending you hugs! Hope you have a restful weekend ahead!

  6. I'm definitely with you on the confused over CDs... How will they extrapolate the info to use on your transfer? Add five days? Subtract 3 days? But I'm super glad that they are letting you move forward with or without a second period.

    It's definitely your time, my friend! This journey has gone on long enough! Love you!

  7. Thank God he got back to you!! I am so glad you got some answers. I know that probably saved you a lot of stress over the weekend!

    Good luck on your hysteroscopy. I will be sending you so many good vibes. I am SO excited to cheer you on over the next steps :)

  8. I would have been super confused too! Dr. G sounds amazing! Good luck with everything that is coming up and I will be praying for you along the way. Time to get stuff done!! Cheers to 2014!

  9. Oh man, how confusing! So glad the dr was able to get back to you right away, that's a relief at least! Hopefully things go smoothly from here on out!

  10. I am so glad your dr got back to you! That would have been awful to have to wait until next week, that was really confusing! Hopefully things start going well from here and your body does what it's supposed to :)

  11. Ugh so frustrating! I'm so glad you got in touch with Dr. G. though! I'm really believing that your body will cooperate!

  12. I'm glad you have Dr G to help you through all this. It's true that sometimes nurses don't get the appropriate info over to them. Hope everything works out for u.

  13. I am so sorry you have to deal with all of this! I hate unhelpful nurses/staff! Thank goodness for that sweet doctor and his quick response! You are in my thoughts and prayers! I hope things start going more smoothly for you :)

  14. So glad Dr. G gave you a more thorough answer. Oh, and T, you leave your wife alone or I will come beat you up! ;) Glad you guys are finding some humor amidst the wonderful world of stupid nurses and synthetic hormones. Pulling for you always of course!

  15. I'm glad your doctor responded so quickly, and with an answer that makes sense. Hang in there. I hope the hysteroscopy happens as scheduled and brings you one step closer to your baby!

  16. Wow, frustrating! There is something so annoying about nurses' timidity in relaying basic information, even though I understand from a CYA (cover-your-ass) standpoint. Yay for your doctor for being nice and human and responding to you. (: (oh, by the way, this is The Unexpected Trip---I decided to create a google profile so it isn't so hard to comment on blogger blogs)

  17. So sorry for all the additional headaches but I'm glad you have a direct line to Dr. G. Hope all goes well in Denver next week. I'll be thinking about you and hoping for good news.

  18. Suzanne, so so happy you emailed Dr G and got a reasonable (and reassuring) response and plan. I have definitely had friends who have done real FET cycles without a true CD1/period. The person I'm thinking of just had her beautiful baby. So I think the plan sounds totally solid. Thinking of you all the time sweetie.

  19. I'm glad your doctor emailed you back so quickly and didn't leave you in limbo. And I'm even MORE glad that your mock and hysteroscopy won't be delayed further because of the unexpected bleeding. You might actually be in Colorado right now! And if you are, I hope it's all going very well. Looking forward to an update (even if it takes me ages to comment. sorry :(

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