Friday, April 3, 2015

Anatomy Scan - 18 Weeks

I've got lots to write about our visit to Texas; but this will just be a quick "round one" update...

We're still in Texas and still just enjoying our time with K and her family. But I need to let you guys know what's going on.

First, K's urine test came back normal last week and her blood pressure yesterday was normal. So hopefully the high reading was simply a fluke and we won't need to worry about that anymore!

What we did find out yesterday is that both babies have echogenic bowels. Google with caution as that's done nothing but scare the crap out of me.

The good news...most of the time, the fetuses turn out to be completely normal and fine.

The other causes that are definitely "less good" are:

Cystic Fibrosis
The fetus swallowing blood following an intra-amniotic bleed
A viral infection - CMV, Toxoplasmosis, Parovirus
A bowel obstruction
Chromosome abnormalities, like Trisomy 21
Intrauterine Growth Restriction

Here are the facts.

- Egg donor AND T were genetically tested prior to our egg donors cycle and neither is a carrier of CF.

- We did the Progenity Verifi chromosome testing at week 12 and it came back normal.

So what is this and how is it that both babies have it? K is having blood work done to test for the viral infections. The doctor seemed to not really be worried about this. In fact, I've become much more worried by googling, than by our conversation at the MFM office because it seemed he was more inclined to think that things were most likely fine. All other measurements looked great and were right on track. The doctor didn't even feel an amnio was necessary, which actually relieved me. I would prefer not to go that route.

So for all my knowledgable friends out here, I'd love your thoughts. What do you think? Especially with the testing we've done and the fact that it's both, which just seems so strange to me.


  1. Well, we already chatted a bit, but it seems like the following have been ruled out: CF, chromosome abnormalities, IUGR (since all other measurements on track), and bowel obstruction (since it's both of them... Seems unlikely). If K's viral testing comes back normal, which seems most likely (from a journal of prenatal medicine article, this was listed as the least common cause, plus in the case of parvovirus, other abnormalities were detected), then it seems like swallowing blood is most likely (which, didn't K have a small bleed earlier in pregnancy?). From that same article: "Hyperechogenicity as an isolated finding before 20 weeks’ gestation is usually transient, disappearing on serial scans." And "Combining data from five large North American studies of second trimester fetuses with hyperechogenic bowel, shows that in almost 60% of the 230 cases no abnormalities were found after birth." And since you've already ruled out almost all causes that would result in abnormalities, that sounds very promising. But it would be nice if you could catch a break on things to worry about, even if they're just small worries! Xoxo

  2. As a lone finding, much more likely to be nothing. Would be more concerning if other soft markets were present. You've already ruled out some causes, and it's great that the team is doing the due diligence to rule out some other causes as well. It may resolve on subsequent scans too!

  3. I am praying for the 'nothing at all' result. It sounds like you've already done your due diligence and both babies will be ok. I've enjoyed your pictures on Instagram. Such a blessing. I'm glad T got to go with you this time. Xoxo

  4. With our twins and our carriers elevated blood pressure and short cervix, we had too many scans. Sometimes I feel like we get too much information. At our 25 week scan there was 1 soft marker for downs. Nothing else had pointed to this but it freaked me out. They didn't seem concerned and Noah is 100% fine. It just stressed me out and made me nervous for a bit. Most people get 2 ultrasounds and that's it. I know it's hard not to stress but like the ladies said above, 1 soft marker with a relaxed MFM sounds pretty good to me <3

  5. First of all, Happy Easter!! Lost of love and hugs to you, T, K, and her family. I'm so glad her health is holding up and wow, 18 weeks!!!

    I am so sorry about the issue found during your anatomy scan and it is odd that both babies have it. I'm glad K is being tested and hopefully she comes out negative. I really hope it's nothing serious. It's a fantastic sign the MFM is not worried about it. I think it's going to be okay. In my experience when doctor's worry it's time to freak out, but they see so much of this stuff.

    You guys are in my thoughts and prayers. So much love and hugs to you all.

  6. My thoughts are that it's just a quirk in the way your kids grow. Nowadays we know too much!

  7. My thoughts are that it's just a quirk in the way your kids grow. Nowadays we know too much!

  8. Try not to worry too much about the scan and say away from Google - it just makes you crazy!! My son was diagnosed with the same thing at 13.5 weeks and the Perinatologist that we were seeing at the time freaked us out about it so much. We then made an appointment with one if the top MFM specialists in NYC (Who we used for the rest of my pregnancy thank goodness) and she told us that many of echogenic bowel diagnosis are either benign or false. In addition their practice won't even diagnosis it until 20 weeks. I was scanned every two weeks after that (for other issues) and her office never once saw what the other office saw to issue that diagnosis. Good luck and hopefully it is nothing!!

  9. Thoughts to you guys that everything comes back normal!!

  10. Praying that all ends just being normal and perfectly fine :)

  11. Thoughts, prayers, and well wishes coming your way! Please keep us updated and know that you, your family, and K are in our prayers!

  12. I had a few doom and gloom u/s when I was pregnant with gummy. And you know the outcome of that story :)
    I think u/s is a relatively primitive, blunt instrument. I think science will look back on u/s and think, wow! how did they derived any useful information from those? (save from some basic measurements). Especially with echogenic areas. SO MANY THINGS can account for those (as your list shows). How could it tell you anything real?
    In my experience, the doom and gloom u/s served as a reminder that I don't control the outcome, but that I can have faith in the process. The majority of babies are born healthy, and there is a good chance your babies will be born healthy. But the final decision is not up to you. And you've had LOTS of experience with letting go of the outcomes.
    Thinking of you and sending warm hugs.

  13. Praying this is a fluke since it's both babies. What are the odds of that. You don't need any further stress any this. Stay positive if the MFS isn't concern.

  14. My goodness! I have no information about any of this for you BUT I do tend to agree with many of the other commenters that it does sound like perhaps it's a fluke? Praying praying praying!! XO

  15. Praying you get some answers soon and it is just a fluke! I agree that with twins or high-risk pregnancies, we often get too many ultrasounds that can cause us to worry! We had some scares of our own and some that weren't even detected through ultrasound that should've been. If your MFM is relaxed about it and doesn't seem worried at this point, then I would take that attitude until you know more. Google is evil in situations like this... I had to give it up during my pregnancy! I will be thinking about you and praying that you get some answers very, very soon!!

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  17. Praying it's just a fluke as well and that your mind can be put at ease very soon! Thinking of you xo

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