Wednesday, June 17, 2015


This post is way over due. Honestly. I need life to slow down just a hair. It's been non-stop on the go, crazy for the past month and a half. I've traveled to four cities, had three baby showers and had weekend guests three different weekends. That's in a matter of six weeks and all during my 1st trimester. But somethings are a priority. And my visit to Athens, Georgia a few weekends ago, was just that.

Over two years ago, and I don't even remember who found who first, but I somehow was graced with Amanda in my life. This woman shows unconditional love and support to so many, and she's gotten me through some tough moments. Her texts, emails and comments over the years have meant the world to me. I'm so, so lucky to call her my friend.

And now...she's a friend I've officially met in person!!

About a month ago, I came across an awesome sale on Southwest between Indianapolis and Atlanta. With what's to come for me with the twins and then hopefully this third little one, I'm guessing my traveling days are going to come to a screeching halt. So how could I not immediately text her. I've been lucky enough in my job and with having family all over that I travel frequently which has given me an opportunity to meet fellow infertility bloggers. I love being able to take our online connection and build our friendships even deeper by connecting in person. But somehow, other than in layovers, my travels have never taken me close enough to visit Amanda. So the opportunity to meet her AND Garrison couldn't be passed by. 

We settled on a weekend and plans were set in motion. I so wish I could have stayed longer, but as I mentioned before, it's been a hectic few months. So an amazing 24 hour trip it was! 

Amanda, Sam and Garrison picked me up from the airport and we all went to dinner. Chicken and Waffles! Man, they know the way to this southern girls heart. We stayed up late chatting and the next day, Amanda, Garrison and I explored the University of Georgia campus. What a beautiful little college town Athens is! Had more delicious southern food, complete with sweet tea (a big favorite of mine) and just enjoyed finally getting to spend time together. 

This guy...oh my was love at first sight! 

I dare anyone to resist that sweet smile. Can't be done. 

If only the day could have lasted a wee bit longer, but I had to get back. I loved talking, walking and just enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon with them. Sam and Amanda are the absolute SWEETEST couple and I am forever grateful that they have little Garrison. What a truly special family they are. 

I also was in North Carolina visiting my family this past weekend and even though I travel here often, I don't get a lot of time to see friends because my time is completely occupied by family. However, Kelly, who I've communicated with through email and Instagram lives there. It was a quick "before we head to the airport, we can grab a quick bite" kind of thing, but I'm still thankful to meet her and her husband. They were simply awesome and again, just reminds me how lucky I am to have made such amazing friends on this journey. 


  1. How much do I love that you and Amanda got to hang out? Seriously! Makes my heart happy! We ALL need a girls weekend together :) Hope I get to see you when you are here!

  2. 1) I wonder if there are any great deals from
    Indianapolis to CT?! :)
    2.) Amanda- I never realized how tall you are!! You both are so beautiful!!
    3.) I'm so jealous... Still!
    4.) Ditto on all of your comments about Amanda. Amazing how our friendships from blogging have truly become just that: real, true, friendships!!

    1. I am tall-ish. Suzanne and T are ummm…. less tall?!?! Socially correct terms are failing me. : ) I'm 5'8 but I just look really small next to Sam who is 6'9.

  3. It's so cool to be able to meet blogger friends in real life! So glad you got to meet a couple of them :)

  4. I just love that you guys got to meet up! And her lil boy is just a doll baby!!!

  5. Eeekkk! LOVE! It was seriously so, so fun! I can't wait for the opportunity to come to Indie and meet all of YOUR babies (and T or course… ooo and Jill!)

  6. That is SO great that you guys got to meet. And Amanda's son is super cute!

  7. Meeting online friends in person is wonderful! I'm glad you got to spend time with your friends Amanda and Kelly.

  8. Love this post. Everything about it! So happy for both of you girls!

  9. Awww! I made your blog! I'm so happy we were able to meet you, Trevor and baby C while you were passing through town! I hope we will get to meet the whole gang one day!

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