Tuesday, July 14, 2015

In Texas

I wish I had time for a long update. But I just don't. So this is going to be quick.

I arrived in Texas last night. Kelly's BP was very high and she had protein in her urine. She was admitted to the hospital and since then her BP has gone down, but her kidney's continue to show not so great results. We will have the 24 our test results shortly.

We were advised to come down to Texas ASAP as the babies could be born within a week. So here we are. Hopefully she'll be released today and we can continue to wait out their arrival and let them cook at little more.

More when I can.



  1. Good luck, praying for some extra cooking time for those guys!

  2. Thinking about you TONS! I'm so glad for an update, even if short!!!! Praying for all of you! xoxo

  3. Praying and thinking about you, T, K, and the babies!!!

  4. Praying for ur little ones and Kelly. Hope everything turns out ok and babies are born healthy.

  5. Thinking about you! Sending thoughts and prayers your way!

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