Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Moment to Breathe

I'm so sorry for my very brief update that probably left you all with questions and concerns. I've finally had a few minutes of calm to sit down and write out this post.

Here's what's been going on:

On Monday morning, Kelly had her regular OB appointment. Her blood pressure was high at 146/89 and her urine showed signs of protein. Her doctor was immediately concerned and wanted her admitted to the hospital for 24 hour observation and the 24 hour urine test to check her kidney function. They also began the steroid shot treatment for the babies lungs. His suggestion was that Trevor and I head down to Texas as soon as possible.

Our plan all along has been to drive. Obviously knowing that plans can change in an instance. Luckily, I'm a pretty OCD crazy planner kinda freak, and had everything packed in our dining room ready to go for our trip. I booked a flight out of Indianapolis Monday afternoon and arrived in Corpus Christi early evening. Trevor, bless that man, drove. His brother, who is nothing short of my hero, took a flight to Memphis so that he could join Trevor for the majority of the drive so he wouldn't be alone. They arrived yesterday evening.

Since Monday morning, every reading with the exception of the very first one, has been great and totally normal. Blood work showed her liver is doing just fine. The 24 hour urine test however, was pretty horrible And by horrible I mean, anything over 300 is considered bad. Her results were 5400. She also has been having contractions off and on. Sometimes frequent, sometimes not. She's currently dilated to almost 3 cm. That was as of yesterday morning. However, as of yesterday morning, both boys are transverse. So there isn't a lot of concern for her going into labor at this point.

Yesterday after the OB spoke with the MFM we were given 3 options:

1) Go home and then go in on Thursday morning at 8:15 to meet with the MFM doctor.

2) Stay at the current hospital she's being monitored at, however, if things get bad she would have to be transferred to the MFM's hospital that has the Level III NICU.

3) Be transferred now to the MFM's hospital.

Obviously they are giving us these options because they believe these options are all safe. Our big concern is the distance from home to the hospital. It's a solid hour on a good day with no traffic. So IF things got bad quickly with her vitals...are we to far away by her being at home? Her vitals have been great for over 48 hours now. But we can't discount that obviously her kidneys are struggling.

Yesterday, our choice was to stay where we were and be monitored another night. We plan on going home later today and going to the MFM first thing in the morning to see what he thinks. At that time, if it's best she stay at the hospital. We'll do that. However, she could be fine for another week. Where should we spend that week? It's really a tough decision. For everyone.

You always just want to be told what the best thing to do is. Rather than having to make that call. What's the best? What's going to keep her the most calm?

I just want Kelly to be comfortable. I want her safe. And if she's safe, the babies are safe.

I know pre-eclampsia is unfortunately something that a great many of us have had to deal with during pregnancies after infertility. I welcome and hope for any and all thoughts, advise, feedback or guidance. Anything you are willing to offer us.

And just to let you all know...babies are doing great.

I've spent the past few days in the hospital with her trying my best to be helpful to her. I'm so glad we're here. If nothing else to be a supportive role for her and her family until the time comes that these little guys need to come out. We'd love another week or two, but if that's not in the cards, I know that they've been cared for in the best possible way by Kelly. I certainly couldn't have done a better job myself. I know that there are doctors here to help these little guys out in their first few days and weeks. I take a great comfort in all of that.

I also have to give praise to the staff at Christus Spohn Alice. They are simply amazing. The way they've treated me, but especially Kelly moves me to tears. I will be sad if we aren't able to deliver here. We understand why that may not be possible, but we'll lose out on a pretty awesome experience that sometimes medical complications just tend to supersede.

Thank you so much for the continued good thoughts and prayers!


  1. So glad Kelly is so amazing!!! It's wild that ANY day you will be meeting your sweet boys. Praying for discernment as you make decisions and safety for all!

    Also, stalking you ;) So keep updating!

  2. Our twins were born at 32w1d after I went into labor totally out of the blue and found myself 6 cm dilated and water broke (without me knowing ... WHAT????) an hour after waking up w/ contractions at 2 am (they were born at 4 am). Just to reassure you that your babies will do GREAT even if they come early at this point, and what a blessing it is that they now have steroids on board for faster lung development. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need any advice about the preemie experience for babes in that range of 32-33 wks. Best of luck, we are all cheering for you guys!

  3. Sending best wishes to you all. I would feel the same way about wishing they would just tell you the best course, but it sounds like the are confident that everything is steady since they are giving so many options. Keep us updated!

  4. I've been following and praying. Every day the babies stay in is GOOD!!! Kelly has done an awesome job taking care of them and she and your boys are in good hands. I hope you're taking care of yourself too and baby girl. I know you're both excited and stressed out. *hugs* I'm thinking of you all.

  5. I'm a stalker, and love your story. Kelly is amazing! And she has wonderful care all around her. I agree your babies will do just great, they have made it so far! I had preterm labor scares extremely early and made it to 35 weeks. Towards the end, I wanted to be as close to the hospital as possible because I didn't think I could make it another day. Do what your gut is telling you all to do, don't worry about the inconviences it may cause. All will be great!!

  6. Your OBGYN is one of a kind! I call him my OBGYN of Steel. My thoughts are with y'all. I would request Dr. Aaron Reeves, a Neonatologist for your boys. He worked with my son when he was born at 35 wks, three years ago. When I see him now, he still remembers me, and my son. Most likely because I qrilled him with questions when I met him. He's a good guy and you want him! He works well with the MFMs at Bay Area Hospital. My son was delivered in Alice by my OBGYN of Steel. There is an incompetent pediatrician that unfortunately still works and breathes at CSA.. She released him the next day. I had another Pediatrician admit my son to Driscoll Children's Hospital under Dr Aaron Reeves care.
    If you do deliver at CSA, your OBGYN will make sure you have the best pediatrician at CSA. Everyone knows which one NOT to use!

  7. (Sigh) Although I know anything can happen I'm glad she's doing better. Hopefully ur little ones can continue to cook in their until the doctors feel like its safer for Kelly n them to come out. Praying for u all.

  8. How exciting! and scary! How many weeks are the boys and what do they weigh? Many prasyers for a great outcome for all.

  9. Yes, I would wish too that someone would make the decision. I think you are doing everything right and being a great support for Kelly. I will be praying those babies can stay in just a bit longer.

  10. I see the boys made their appearance!! Congrats mama!! As far as pre-eclampsia goes, staying calm was key and trust the doctors. I went home earlier than I should have, thinking I would feel better at home! I was on meds for about 6 weeks post-partum and felt better about 4 weeks after. Best of luck Hun! Can't wait to see pics of those babes and hear the names!!

  11. Every extra day in-utero is great, but remember that with where medical knowledge is at these days, these boys will likely be A-ok (are you at 32 weeks, or thereabouts?). Babies born at this stages, while they are premature, tend to do quite well.
    It sounds like there is a great medical team surrounding all of you. I will hold you all in my thoughts, May you all be well and continue to be in good health.

  12. Your boys are so lucky to have such loving, caring and knowledgeable people surrounding them. Praying for all of you, and for confidence in the decisions you have to make -- I can't even imagine!

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