Sunday, October 14, 2012

Eat my words?

Sorry. Not this time. Trust me, I was hoping that was going to be the case, but today is officially cycle day 1. Again.

I'm doing surprisingly well. I think the doubt and just gut feeling over the past week or so has made today when AF showed up, a little, well, easier. I'm just ready to look towards this next cycle and give it our all. We'll be in Chicago for the weekend during what should be my fertile window which is perfect. For some reason, being away from home, baby dancing tends to be a little more "ahem" exciting. Maybe it's just out of the ordinary and takes a little pressure off. Either way, the timing couldn't be more perfect.

I've officially gotten my thermometer out of hiding (since I never really stopped temping...only told the hubs that I did) and my Ovacue monitor is cued up and ready to go tomorrow. I haven't used it since July, but without being monitored, I decided I wanted every advantage possible this month. Would love, love, love to get a BFP on our own without having to go through the cost of the injectibles and IUI in November. Here's my positive thinking in full effect!!

We've had an awesome weekend (well, other than AF showing up) and I wish tomorrow wasn't Monday. I enjoyed a chill, kicked back weekend with my favorite guy. Love these kind of days. Hopefully this week flies by so we can get back to the weekend!


  1. *Hugs* Girl! I am so sorry this wasn't it, but hopefully this new round could be IT! I am glad you are in a good place and I know what you mean about being away from home being better and more exciting for BD.

  2. Sorry this wasn't your month, but looks like you are being very optimistic. That's awesome! :)

  3. It does sound like you've got a great attitude about the upcoming cycle. Vacation sex is WAY better than babymaking sex!

  4. Sorry for CD1 arrival, but happy to hear you have taken it the best way you can. I hope you have a blast being out of town and just having fun with it! C'mon BFP. I do not want you to have to go through another injectables cycle either. Have fun this month and enjoy just being you two as a couple this time around!

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