Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"It was the perfect cycle...

you just didn't get pregnant"

Those are the words of my RE today during our consultation. My last IUI cycle was text book perfect. He still doesn't see how I could have ovulated early based on my LH levels on cd 10 being 5. (IUI was on cd 13) At least it would have been very odd and highly unlikely.

That being said he hopes that, well, for one, maybe this cycle on my own will work! Okay, so the realist in me is just moving on and planning for my November IUI. If I get a BFP between now and then...bonus. For now, lets plan "next time". It gives me something to focus on. So, he doesn't want to change any of the meds. So Letrozole/Femara cd 2-6, Gonal-F cd 6-10. Baseline U/S on cd 3 & 10. Ovedril trigger prior to the IUI(s). The one difference, is we'll most likely be doing back to back IUI's. He did say that it does increase my chances, he just doesn't do them as often because some folks have issues with the scheduling, but he was completely on board with doing it. Oddly enough, if things stay on track, I'll most likely be looking at my IUI around Thanksgiving.

What stumps me is he said that my ovaries are in great shape. My follies were great. T's sperm count was great. He's extremely optimistic. So that said, why has it been 10 months of TTC and nothing?!

So a couple things I'm still fuzzy on even though he's explained this over and over again:

1) I've never had a FSH test on cd 3. The nurses in the past have said I didn't need it and now the doctor told me based on my response last cycle, it would be a waste of money because he knows that's fine.

2) My lining at cd 10 last cycle was 6.5. That was the only time it was checked. My doctor has never been concerned about this because "it doesn't have to be as thick on Letrozole".  So he poo-poo's this anytime I mention it.

Any comments from you ladies that know about these things, by all means, let me know!

Lastly, if the November IUI doesn't work, I'll be doing the Laporoscopy/Hysterscopy procedure the next cycle. After that, we'd most likely at least one more IUI cycle before moving to IVF. Lets hope it doesn't get to that.

News of this cycle: I'm 4 dpo, some cramping today, I start my progesterone suppositories tonight. I plan on testing at 12 dpo (Nov. 7th) since that's Trev's birthday. Here's hoping!


  1. My RE is like yours, not super focused on the lining as much as I am. I'm sure yours got over 7 by CD13 for sure, so I do think you were fine on that. I know we always want a high number, but my RE also tells me there is a threshold where a 12 is not necessarily better than a 9 for instance. Once it gets to a 9 and has great tri-layers, that is as good as it gets according to him.

    I think your plan sounds great! I'm hoping you don't need it, but perfect plan B just in case. GL this cycle. Hoping to see some exciting updates from you in about a week and a half!

  2. Crossing my fingers for you! I started plan B this last cycle and ended up with a BFP. Hoping that's the way it work for you too!

  3. Keeping fingers, toes, everything crossed!! Would LOVE to see a BFP for you this round. *hugs*

  4. It's so frustrating, isn't it? I have had a few "perfect cycles" too and not one BFP ever and it just makes no sense. I think it will happen for you soon and I'm KMFX. I think you should keep on your doc about both getting the proper CD 3 testing done (might as well throw in amh for a good measure too if you haven't done this) and working on your lining. Have you tried acupuncture or herbs to help with lining thickness?

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