Monday, October 22, 2012

Gearing up for O...again.

Does it ever get boring hearing about my cycles, over and over again?! Maybe it's just me that's bored with my cycles that ultimately end with a BFN. I'm ready for a change.

I haven't updated in a while mostly because there wasn't much to report! I'm on cycle day nine. I finished my Femara on Saturday. I started OPK's today, not positive yet, but I expect it to be positive by Wednesday-ish. I've been using my Ovacue again, and it's kind of refreshing! My fertile window has been pinpointed between tomorrow and Friday, so we'll start bd'ing tonight or tomorrow, probably every other day until my +OPK, then every day. The nice thing about my monitor is that in the past, everything always lines up. The OPK's, the monitor and my BBT's typically will all confirm the same day as ovulation, which is nice when I'm not being monitored.

Next Tuesday, I meet with my RE to discuss our next IUI cycle. Would love, love, love to not need another round of injectibles. Who knows...October was the month we conceived last year. Maybe this year we can pull it off again, but hopefully with a sticky little one this go round.

Other than that, life is just moving along. We've both been crazy busy at work lately, but we've got a fun weekend planned in Chicago with some friends of ours. Should be a perfect weekend away to take our minds off of our TTC journey.

I know that one day, I'll look back on this journey and it will all be worth it. I just really hope that day comes soon...


  1. hang in there girl! That day is coming, maybe in just a couple of weeks. Btw, totally not bored reading about your cycles. I am all up in people's cycles, lol. I am also glad that you and DH have been keeping busy and enjoy that awesome weekend! I know the fun times make it easier to deal with this process. *hugs*

  2. Have a great time in Chicago, you deserve it! And you're right, one day it'll all be worth it... even though it seems so far away right now, I'm confident this will all be a distant memory some day.

  3. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way!!

  4. Have an excellent time in Chi-town, chica!! Thanks for being my companion on this crazy journey.


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