Monday, February 18, 2013

Going Rouge for One Last Shot

My last post mentioned that my OPK's were getting dangerously close to positive, however, they never quite got there. I did have a big temp spike the day after, which made me think I just missed the surge. So I went on my merry way thinking that this month was just a rest and recovery month and next month we'll dive into the IVF protocol.

Weeeeelllll...I found out on Friday that one of my incision sites may have a slight bit of infection. It was getting a little red. I called the doctor and got on an antibiotic asap. I also had noticed that fertility friend had not confirmed my ovulation because my temp started dropping. I started wondering if the temp increase was because of the infection. Well, again on Saturday and Sunday I got what looked like positive OPK's on my internet cheapies. The only thing was, I never got a smiley on the digital. My temps really dipped and I was having some ovary pain, so we went for it.

Yep. 3 days shy of my 2 week "no sex" window, we did it. Don't be mad. I'm going to say those extra few days were just padding anyway. So we did again yesterday and again this morning after I woke up to this...

Please notice the crazy wonk-a-donk temps this month, but everything seems to be adding up to O yesterday vs. last week. We'll see if I continue to get high temps for the next few days.

I've been feeling great since the surgery, so I wasn't really concerned. I certainly wouldn't have gone for it last week only a week after surgery, which is why we didn't, but I couldn't help this close to my free and clear to give it one last shot at a free baby before we dive into IVF. Not to mention, T is typically a "well did your doctor approve that" or "does your doctor know your taking this" kind of guy. He was all for our rogue actions this weekend!

With the work traveling done for a while and no big plans here at home for a few weeks, it's been low-key.

I've spent a lot of time reading my IVF packet and familiarizing myself with the process and what's to come. I also spoke with someone from AttainIVF. Obviously we don't qualify for a refund program, but we do qualify for a multi-cycle program. We're crunching numbers and scenarios to see what makes sense and trying to make the best decision. Of course the more IVF's we do the better our chance. The good news is we can opt out if we discover that I'm a horrible responder. So we are considering going with the program. Hopefully we'll decide that for sure this week. If anyone has any opinion or experience with these programs, please, chime in.

I hope everyone is doing well and I'm super excited for all my IVF buddies. I can't believe I am lucky enough to be going through this at the same time as so many of my TTC friends!!


  1. Hey, if hubby is on board with going rogue, go for it! I'm sure you have much more peace of mind knowing you gave it a shot, and you just might get lucky! Looks like it was perfectly timed!!

    As for the multi-cycle packages, my clinic offers them through a company called ARC. This company also provides financing for couples who need it. I spent a half hour on the phone with my clinic's billing specialist crunching numbers if we went through ARC vs. paying direct through the clinic. In my case, it seems like the only way the ARC multi-cycle packages would save us money is IF we ended up needing to utilize all 3 fresh cycles and all 3 FET's that come with it. For the single cycle and double cycle option, it's not a big money saver.

    It's really all a gamble when it comes down to it. No one has a crystal ball (which sucks) to see how many tries it will take, so you either take the risk of losing unused cycles (and money) up front or you take your chances to pay a little more in the end if you choose to pay as you go and you DO end up needing 3 cycles.

    After discussing it pretty in depth with my clinic's billing gal, she agreed that in most cases, if a couple doesn't have to go through ARC for the financing they might be better off just paying as they go through the clinic. Some people are forced to go through ARC because they don't have $15K laying around or room on a credit card. However, for those who don't NEED to use this ARC company, they have the liberty to opt out of having to go through them altogether. For those doing only one cycle (it's cheaper to just go through the clinic).

    I'm sure every company is different. I would sit down with a pen/computer and just dissect the total costs of one, two and three cycle packages when going through Attain vs. paying direct through your clinic and then ask questions, and make a choice that way. It kinda racks your brain, but worth the energy to analyze all options. So many freaking decision in this process!

  2. I'm so glad you gave it a shot, your timing sounds pretty spot on! I agree that the last few days are just fluff after surgery and I think you made a great decision to go for it. Hopefully your determination will pay off :) I'm still hoping for a bfp this cycle and that you won't have to go through the IVF process. I'm praying for you!

  3. Hi! I've been reading your blog for a month now. You're very courageous and patient with your TTC process. I went through 3 IUIs and 1 IVF cycle, and the process drained me. My doctor said I wasn't responding to the Clomid so we went on the fast track to IVF. It looks like you'll be going through your first IVF process. I want to wish you luck on "going rogue" and hopefully it works. If not, IVF might give you a better chance. Good Luck!

  4. Sounds like your timing was absolutely perfect! I'm keeping fingers, toes, everything crossed that you do indeed get your BFP. *hugs* girl!