Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nothing to do but wait

I'm officially one week post surgery. I feel great. When I had a laporoscopy 5 years ago, I struggled a bit more afterwards. A huge reason I believe is that I rushed back to work the day after surgery. That was the year my mother was sick and I just didn't have as much time away from work available to me. I learned my lesson though and planned to take off the remainder of last week to recoup.

It obviously worked, because this recovery seemed like a breeze. I was sore for a few days, but I only took a total of 3 pain pills from the time I left the surgery center. I took 2 the first night home before bed, and 1 the next night. I was super duper proud of myself. By Friday I was just plain bored. The husband was still in NYC and I was ready to get OUT! So I made cookies.

Luckily even with the storms in the New England, Trevor still made it home Saturday evening. He offered to make me dinner and I gave him the big "hell no". So I finally put on a pair of jeans and some makeup, washed my nasty bed head and went out for a nice dinner date with the hubs. Since I was 4 days past any pain meds, I even had a glass of fabulous red wine. Husband. Wine. Food.

One very happy wife.

My post-surgery appointment isn't until the last week of February. Unfortunately that doctor works at another office in southern Indiana. My hope is to get my medical records this week so I can forward those to Chicago to see what happens now. Would LOVE to have been able to try on our own this month before we dive into the IVF world, but I'm thinking we're a no-go on that. I was told 2 weeks no "activities", so I have a week to go. Unfortunately, the OPK's are getting dangerously close to positive, so I'm thinking I will ovulate by the end of the week. Poopskie.

The husband and I are trying to decide if we can swing a vacation for our anniversary this year. While spending money on something like that seems silly with the expenses we are about to incur, at the same time, lets be honest, since finding out about my DOR in December, life's been a wee bit on the stressful side. I also know if the IVF doesn't work, we're going to be devastated, regardless of knowing the odds aren't good. It's hard knowing that all that money is "poof" gone, on to the next round. At the same time, we know that keeping ourselves in a good mentality is key. So maybe a little beach time isn't such a bad idea and we just juggle a few things, maybe make a few concessions here and there to cut costs so that we can make that trip happen in June.

Good god, I love that man.


  1. Date nights are great! :) I am so happy your are healing well and quickly! Good for you!

  2. Jesse and I have decided we aren't doing a vacation this spring. We could afford it, but we also know IVF could be looming....ugh....I just want to disappear for a few days and be financially irresponsible. Ha!

    I wish you guys could try this month....

  3. So glad your recovery is stellar! Take that trip. There is something to be said for your mood when you have something that is positive to look forward to. Us IF'ers should plan a trip quarterly! I think it would help dramatically. Too bad money stands in the way! :)

  4. So glad you're feeling good and the surgery went well. Do it if you can! I'm trying to swing a little beach time myself.

  5. So happy the lap was better for you this time around. We deal with the same thing quite a bit....should we travel or should we not. Just gave up an almost entirely free trip to Vegas last weekend, because I'm trying to be all balanced, but man the beach sure would be nice. TTC puts such a crimp in all of the fun plans....well not for most people, but once you're trying for almost two years it does. lol I think you guys should go for it. Gotta stay sane somehow in this process, and besides...it probably won't be just you two for much longer, so better enjoy each other now. It's really getting close to the time you will be a mother now when it comes down to it!

  6. I hope you can swing a vacay, even if something small and intimate for your anniversary. You've really earned it and I think it's good to remember the things we can enjoy while childless while focusing on the ultimate goal. Good luck at yoru next appt and I'm so glad you are recovering well. *hugs*