Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hello? Anyone There?

I didn't sleep last night. When I did, I dreamed of linings measuring 9.99. My stomach was all kinds of topsy turvy this morning. I really meant to post this update much earlier. I'm not happy about why it's so late…more on that in a bit.

I arrived at my clinic, they did blood draws first, then got me in the ultrasound room. I've always been able to tell on my own how thin my lining was, this time, it still looked really thin to me and I wasn't feeling talkative, so I didn't say anything while she was "looking around". I just felt numb. If it was still 3 something…this is never going to work. I just know it.

When she finished up, I asked about the measurement. She said it was...


As we all know, that's a terrible lining. It's got a very low chance for pregnancy. So, my news isn't great. But…if I look for the silver lining, it's an improvement.

With linings between 2mm - 3.8mm over the past 8 months, I've almost doubled that.

CCRM set a very low bar for me to achieve. He wanted it to get close to 6mm to move on from the mock cycle. I'm close to that.

What this means is…while I'm not exactly doing back flips right now…I'm not out of the game yet either.

I heard from my CCRM nurse early this afternoon. She seemed happy that I was responding, but did mention continuing for another week on the meds. My doctor is currently on vacation and she was consulting with one of the other doctors and would be calling me back with next steps.

She had also had me run some routine lab work that had expired. TSH, Vitamin D and CBC. These are all tests that I've always had normal results. Of course, until today. My TSH is 4.78. I've not looked into this, so I'm welcoming input for any of you lovely ladies. She was also going to speak with the doctor about this new development.

The last thing she said was that my uterus was starting to look "cystic". Again. This was new for me. I haven't ever heard of the uterus looking cystic. Ovaries maybe, but not the uterus. So I have no idea what this means. Was hoping for more on our follow up call.


I'm not going to lie. I'm pretty annoyed (pissed) right now. I have no idea if I'm supposed to continue my meds tomorrow or not. I'm officially out of my Viagra as of today (I even told her this today) and thought she was going to order more, and nope. Not a phone call. Not an email from them. Nothing. I. Am. Livid. How can they just leave me hanging not knowing what to do?

I was waiting on that call to update my blog so I would have all the information. So…I'll have to update tomorrow after I hear from them, because as of right now. I'm clueless. (and did I mention pissed?)


  1. I completely understand why you're pissed... I would be livid! Especially with the medication situation. Errrr! They make me so mad!

    I do think 5.7 is a major improvement and that this is a good sign. The cystic uterus (???) I have no clue. I tried to look it up today and found nothing... No one even uses that term. Ovaries? Yes. Uterine fibroids? Yes. But cystic uterus? No. So frustrated for you. And the TSH thing is super weird too. I think it's pretty manageable. But why did it spike now?

    Thinking of you, sweet friend. Hope you get some answers tomorrow... and a nice long apology.

  2. How frustrating that they left you hanging! The TSH measure by itself doesn't say much besides high. Did they also have a T3 or T4 measure? A high TSH typically indicates a low thyroid hormone, meaning your brain is trying to tell your thyroid to make more hormone. But you can't really say without the other measures. By cystic endometrium, she probably meant that there were clusters of tissue, which isn't unusual when you've had long term exposure to estrogen without progesterone. Don't overthink any of it, it means nothing without clarification. Sorry you're left ruminating on it until you hear from them. I hope they call you first thing in the morning!

  3. I've spoken with out office (general) endocrinologist a few times regarding ideal TSH levels. For patients who are on treatment for hypothyroidism, it is recommended to have TSH levels below 2.5 prior to the start of pregnancy to reduce the risk of miscarriage (this was shown in a study done in Italy) the value of 2.5 is actually much lower that the upper limits of normal for TSH which is around 4.54 (depending on your lab). So should we examining all women's TSH levels and be treating subclinical disease (i.e. a TSH >2.5 that is still in the normal range)? The American Endocrine Society says yes, Americal College of Ob/Gyns clamis the evidence is not strong enough to support universal testing. Really frustrated for you that you didn't hear back. I would let them have it tomorrow... Best to you!

  4. Oh Suzanne, that is SO frustrating!!!! I am so so so sorry that they didn't get back to you yesterday- I would be beyond pissed, too. I will hope for some sort of good news for you early this morning - I'm praying for you! XO

  5. That sounds super annoying. I'd definitely call them to follow up, rather than wait, if you think they've forgotten.

    This all is so frustrating. I hope you get your answers really soon.

  6. I would be super pissed too! WTH? You would think for what you are paying and everything you have been through that they could at least call when they said they would. What if this wasn't a mock cycle? I would be on the phone calling and calling until I got an answer. UGH

  7. I'm pissed for you! so not cool! I can't stand being left in limbo like this!

    I'm so sorry that you are left wondering WTF to do............

  8. OMG that is so frustrating!! what are you going to do?

    That's great news on your lining my friend! Sure, it may not be exactly where you want, but my RE was always adamant that my lining of (just barely) 7 was fine because she's seen "lots of pregnancies resulting from thinner linings"

    I hope you get your answers soon and as always please keep us posted!! xo

  9. I hope they have some reeeeally good excuses for their lack of communication. So so sorry to hear you are having to deal with inefficient people. Lord, knows you've paid them to do their job.

    Seems like if your lining wasn't quite ready, they'd say to just continue the meds as is (or increase them) for at least another week, and come back to re-check the lining in one least that is my own experience in the past. Hope they give you some direction soon! Also, hope that 5.7 is something you can be proud of. It did double from past measurements, and maybe your body is just slow to respond and needs more time OR maybe you'd benefit more from adding IM injections? ((HUGS)) for all the work it takes to get some answers.

  10. So frustrating! They really need a good excuse as to why they didn't get back to you. That's just unacceptable.

    Hopefully they can give you some answers and figure out what happens next.

  11. That is good that your lining is improving. I am so sorry ccrm has not called you back. It is maddening when things like this happen! I hope you get some answers and instructions ASAP! Thinking of you!

  12. ugh!! I'm hoping you get a call back soon!!! Also, yay for the improvement in lining :)