Monday, March 2, 2015

We Just Clicked

Last week while traveling for work to California, I had the privilege of meeting Dreaming of Diapers. If you know my struggles and have never read her blog, you're going to find a lot of similarities. Dimished Ovarian Reserve, thin lining, etc.

We spent hours talking, laughing and crying over shared experiences, loss and yes, even the joy of finally knowing my babies are on their way. We connected on so many levels. Many of you that are familiar with her blog, knows she's a fighter. She's got spirit and tenacity and because of that, make no mistake, she'll be a mom. She's got guts and courage galore. Lets be honest, fighting a thin lining, as I know, takes all of that. 

She gave me hope for women everywhere fighting thin uterine lining, fluid in the uterine cavity and beating the odds by working around it and never giving up. She knows the right questions to ask and how to search out the right doctors and latest technologies. 

What I loved most about her was her heart. It's not often that someone can read a few words that you write and really know you. But that's exactly what she did. Back in December after our transfer I posted about Love. In that post, I quoted one of my mother's favorite quotes. She used to say it all the time to express how happy she was. It comes from the movie "Little Big Man". 

"My Heart Soars Like a Hawk" 

I still hear my mom's voice when I see those words. She gave me a special gift last week. One that filled me with emotion because she really knew me and understood me. 

I've wrote it a million times I feel like...infertility sucks. It really, really does. But look at what it's brought into my life. I wouldn't trade these friendships for the world. 


  1. So jealous. What a fun evening! So glad that a business trip could become something so fun and fulfilling! So freeing when you find a heart just like yours.

  2. was just going to write the exact same thing as Amanda! I am so envious that you girls got to get together. How amazing for you both! I cried happy tears reading this post and it fills my heart with so much joy that you are both awaiting your precious babies. Send a little of that stuff this way would ya?! :)

  3. So amazing what something so so so horrible (infertility) can do for us... Connecting us to those who we will consider forever friends!

  4. Oh how cool and that gift is simply stunning!

  5. Yes we did "just click!" So, so happy we were finally able to meet! Lifelong friend, that's for sure. Thank you for all of your love and support...means the world to me. Such a blessing! xoxo

  6. So happy you got to meet another blogger that you connected with.

  7. So cool that y'all got to meet! I just love that - it's so sweet being in the presence of others who 'get' it!!!


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