Monday, August 20, 2012

Cycle bust or just all over the place?

Either way, it's driving me to bitchy-ness. I'm now on cd 15 and my opk's are not evening nearing the positive stage. This is crazy. I don't know why I thought getting off the clomid wouldn't really change my cycle all that much, but obviously I was mistaken. It's getting a little annoying. T and I just continue the every other day thing hoping that if it sneaks up on us, we're covered. So anxious for my appointment on Thursday. It's consuming way to much of my thoughts right now. Would love him to do an ultrasound to see what's going on this cycle, here's hoping!

Our weekend for the most part was very relaxing and enjoyable. I even spent Saturday with a close friend that is nearing 8 months pregnant and I was totally fine. I think she's just to sweet to resent. That evening, we went out with friends of ours, 7 couples in all. T and I are the only ones without kids. All of them with 2-3. So the ladies conversations revolved around what it was like to get pregnant, give birth, be a stay-at-home-mom, and even how many women there are out there that can't get pregnant. Seriously sat their flabbergasted that I was stuck listening to all of this. My pregnant friend felt awful for me. One of the worst parts were 2 other ladies even know about our struggles and miscarriage and were big contributors to the conversation! Did they not realize I was sitting right next to them, being super quiet?! Apparently not. It even got worse. One of the gals talked about how she was supposed to get AF the following day and she had spotting once on Friday and that was it and considering how "drunk" she was feeling, she's thinking she's probably preggers with #3. Oh, and did I mention it was their first month trying? I've never been so ready to get out of a place than that night.

Well, guess I'll continue for the 8th straight day to pee in a cup 3 times a day for my opk's. Seems like this is going to be a pricey month in that regard...

And just so everyone can really understand my frame of mind, this is my afternoon snack. Please note, I'm not a fan of chocolate, but these spicy habenero truffles are crazy good! Check out the little design on them!

3 more days...


  1. OMG, I dig the skulls!! They sound amazing! There's a woman in Madison who makes the most outstanding dark chocolate truffles. When I have a craving, I go to her shop. The cinnamon cayenne is amazing, as well as the caramel with French Grey sea salt. Love them because they aren't sweet like milk chocolate.

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