Thursday, August 2, 2012

Big hopes = big disappointment

11 dpo, BFN. Since Clomid, my LP has been increased by 4-5 days, so I still don't expect AF until next Monday or Tuesday and I know a lot of people will say, you aren't out until that happens...but, I know from past experience that a BFP is typically visible around 10-11 dpo. Again, I also just don't feel it. My husband has been so positive these past 7 cycles since the miscarriage. I think he's never had any doubt that it would just happen. He really thought this cycle was it, so I think this hit him a little harder. Probably because it was our last chance in order to cancel the RE appointment.

My RE appointment is on August 23. Which means, there is still another ovulation between now and then. I will not do any meds this cycle. This will be strictly OPK's and temping for confirmation. By the time my appointment rolls around I'll most likely be approximately 3-5 dpo at that point. I'm hoping the plan will start off with an HSG. I'm also hoping that we start with IUI first. I think with my history of a LEEP procedure which means I don't have EWCM and because my lining was thin this past cycle, we do something other than Clomid. We'll see...this is all speculation at this point.

I also have a slight dilemma to consider and would love to hear what folks think. My sister just got engaged and is planning a wedding for next June. Normally this wouldn't be a consideration if I didn't live 750 miles away. I don't know if I can physically NOT TTC these next few months because of that. Especially now that I'm finally seeing an RE. I'm the matron of honor and I've always been extremely close with her. There is no way I'd simply miss the wedding. It's a conundrum for sure.

Good news:  I plan on spending tomorrow night drinking several glasses of good red wine with my bestie. I also plan on having some delish cocktails at my favorite mixology bar in Santa Monica next weekend.

I don't think August 23rd could come fast enough for me. This 3ww may be pure torture.

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  1. *hugs* I'm really sorry about the BFN. I hope that your next one works, before the RE appt. If not, at least you do have the RE appt soon.

    Have a great time with your bestie!