Thursday, November 8, 2012

IUI Cycle...take 2.

I'm super late in posting a new update. It's been over a week! My job has been incredibly insane lately. By the time I get home from work, I've had no desire to be on the computer. Hate when work starts effecting my social life/blog in such a way! Things have been really good the past week and a half.

First, I got fantastic news from on of my cyber TTC longtime buddies that her first IUI worked! She got a BFP last weekend and I'm beyond thrilled for her. It's funny how hearing some women get pregnant can make you feel bitterness, but then there are others that really just give me hope. This was definitely one of the latter and I wish her a very health and happy 9 months!

As for how my "off cycle" went, unfortunately, it was a BFN. I've discontinued my Prometrium, so AF should be here this weekend. Where's the good news in all of this?! I'm on to cycle number 2. Lets take a "perfect cycle" and make it a perfect BFP! That's my goal for the month. Considering I will very likely be getting one of my IUI's on Thanksgiving, it would most certainly give me something to be thankful for. So I'm going into this cycle thinking the very best.

Based on the results of last cycle, I will be doing the same protocol. Femara/Gonal-f/Ovedril and then back to back IUI's. I'm concerned about my lining. That's really where I think my issue is and would love to have a nice fat lining for once. Come on, give a girl a break, just once!


  1. I am so excited for your second IUI! Your first one was a trial run, to make sure the protocol will work. Glad that's out of the way, now time for the REAL one with the REAL BFP!!!!! I'm so excited for you girlie! I know what you mean about how some BFPs give you hope and how some make you bitter. Super excited for your friend and that you will get to be preg together!

    Loved reading the questions, I also have 3 cats :-) Cats rock! You are too sweet to name my blog as one of your faves. I love yours and I'm rooting for you all the way!

  2. Isn't is crazy how we detest hearing about some people's pregnancies and other we are truly happy for? It's so strange, but it's almost like if I know they actually had to "TRY" it makes it easier. Recently, I also had a friend who got pregnant the first month trying, but she told me privately and before she told everyone else and was ultra sensitive to my feelings. Because of that I am actually really happy for her and genuinely interested in her pregnancy. She doesn't bother me at all, even though it was so easy for her. I think most times it's the people who just don't understand what we're going through that annoy us the most with their OOPS I am guess I am pregnant announcements.

    I like your thinking....perfect BFP coming your way! Fingers are officially crossed for you here!

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