Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I have to laugh...or I'll cry.

I'll start with, my IVF is still on thus far. So rest easy before reading on.

I started my stims on Saturday. Injections have been fine. I'm not weird about needles in the least and have no problems stabbing myself in the belly. Is this weird? 

I was nervous going into my ultrasound today. Not sure if I was responding. Trying to have realistic expectation with how many follicles I will have considering my DOR. 

I had four. So not great. But hey, some nonetheless. I only need one. 

Right Ovary

15.7, 11.3, 10.7

Left Ovary 


So I knew this as I was leaving the clinic where I'm monitored. Just needed to wait for my lab results to be sent to MY clinic so they could call me with instructions. 

Now let me back up a bit. Last week when I had my cycle day 3 baseline where my levels were elevated and the decision was made that I should have the labs repeated on cycle day 5...we also decided that I should go to a hospital lab that same morning so we could rule out any lab discrepancies. I was never told on Saturday which lab results were the good ones or if they were off, I was starting, I didn't care, I guess. 

Today, I was informed that it was the hospital labs that were the good ones. My doctor went with those because they were inline with what a baseline should be. My e2 at the clinic where I'm monitored were 198 on Saturday (55 at the hospital lab) and my p4 was 2.8 (.4 at the hospital lab). Huge difference. Well today, my e2 was 891 and my p4 was 2.75. They believe the estradiol is too high for where I am currently. They also believe that the p4 is too elevated to be accurate. So obviously there is an issue with the fertility clinic lab.

So this makes me wonder...could my labs been normal all these months?!?!?! 

So what does this mean?! 

Well, it means I'm continuing with my current dosage of Gonal-F. I'm done with the Saizen. I'm adding in the Menopur and the Ganerelix. I go back to weird, screwy clinic for labs and ultrasound on Friday morning. My clinic just "knows" that my labs will be elevated. matter what...I am in Chicago Saturday and Sunday. My doctor wants me there in person to finish this out!! YAY! I could NOT agree more! 

So, just another crazy bump in what I have to consider a pretty crazy ride thus far. 

What is going to be thrown at me next?! Bring it. I'm ready. 


  1. I can not believe the difference in the lab results! that is just crazy! So what do you believe? Which do you work off of? Sorry this has been so stressful for you! big giant hugs!

    1. My doctor believes it's the fertility clinic because he just couldn't figure out why my progesterone level was basically indicating ovulation at baseline and even still now. So he does think the error is there. CRAZY, huh?!

  2. That is nuts about how different the lab results are!! I'm so excited that things are progressing though and that you'll be in Chicago soon to finish this out!!! Thinking of you :) xoxo

    1. Thank you so much!! I think it's going to be so easier being face to face with MY doctor and nurses!

  3. WHAT?!?! This is crazy… I mean I have wonky AMH levels, but I didn't think it could be the lab… that's terrifying! We make all of these crazy serious decisions based on info that could be WRONG!?!?! Geez!

    I'm glad IVF is still on though, you scared me for a minute!

    And YES it is SUPER weird that jabbing a needle into your own stomach doesn't give you the heebie jeebies! I'm so not cut out for IVF… I'm scared to death of my looming date with the needle on Monday!

  4. What?? That is crazy???!!!! You are shelling out all this money, you are stabbing yourself with daily injections and they just brush it off like that? Wow, I'm honestly kind of shocked!

    Glad to hear that you don't let this get to you to much and that your cycle is still on! Good luck!!!!

  5. Wow!! I cannot believe there is that of a difference with their lab results. I am glad your cycle did not get canceled due to this error. Keeping you in my thoughts.

    P.S. I petrified of needles and totally envy you that it doesnt phase you.

  6. First off, you are very strange indeed if sticking yourself doesn't bother you. Give me some of that courage!

    I bet you will have a couple more follies show up between now and retrieval too! I had more with each ultrasound that I did, and got a few at retrieval we didn't even know were there. Excited for you to see your real RE in Chicago this weekend! woot!

  7. I don't know enough about the process to understand all the numbers, but crazy on the difference between all the numbers! Looking forward on reading about the upcoming process too!

  8. I agree that you will likely get a few more follies popping up. So weird about the bloodwork... I'm really KMFX for you!

  9. I love your last line. You are a warrior, Suzanne. Bring it on...I can just picture you saying it. I'm backing you up in this...we are all behind you.

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