Thursday, May 23, 2013

Same old story

Not starting stims tonight.

What sucked was I really was hopeful. Even after the ultrasound this morning. It showed 9 resting follicles. For DOR, I was extremely happy with that. She still could see the cyst, but it appeared to be much smaller. For their clinic she said that size wouldn't concern them. So I was happy.

All that I needed to go right was the blood tests...

Estradiol - 171
Progesterone - 2.7

Way to elevated to start. So apparently that little cyst is still throwing out some major estrogen. I go back on Saturday to repeat, but I just can't see how my levels could possibly come down enough to be able to still start this cycle.

I'm absolutely devastated.

Guess the one good thing out of today was my FSH level came back at 6.25. I was shocked by that. Seemed like so many things were in line for this cycle to happen but for some reasons my hormones are really out of whack.


  1. Boo. Hugs for you! Sorry to read this!!! Very exciting about your FSH though!! That is something to be happy about! Prayers!!

  2. well, poo! This is not the update I was hoping for :( I'm sorry Suzanne. This has been a really rough road for you, and I admire your strenth to hold on and push forward. Something's gotta give soon, right. Hugs xoxo

  3. aww that sucks!! I am so sorry for this set back. You are such a strong woman, but I know this has to be very hard for you. I am sending you tons of good vibes that you can start next cycle.

  4. Noooooo! Oh Suzanne, I'm so so so so sorry :( I know just how devastated you must be. I'm thinking of you and am sending you a huge hug. xoxoxo

    FSH of 6.25 is AMAZING, though!!

  5. Oh, how disappointing. I'm really sorry that cyst is causing you trouble. All the waiting in IF treatment is soul sucking.
    I must say, I was happy to read that your FSH has come down. That's really good news.

  6. Sorry for the delay -but hope it will be worth the wait!

  7. What a huge disappointment, Suzanne! I'm sorry to hear that cyst is causing so many problems. Waiting is sometimes the hardest part once you've reconciled to move forward. Hugs! Thinking about you.

  8. Aww! I am sorry, Suzanne. Im glad the cyst is shrinking though and praying those hormones get straighten out for ur next follow up. Hugs!

  9. I am glad your FSH is low, but geez, really??? You have been waiting for this for so long!! Really hoping you get good news on your Saturday. June HAS to be your BFP month! *hugs*

  10. NOOOOOOOO!!! What is up with this cyst? How is it STILL producing estrogen? How is this cyst still even HERE? Geez! I'm so sorry Suzanne! I can imagine how frustrated you are!

    Tell me about this FSH level though... I mean that's a third of what it was. Is this helpful? Does this change anything?

  11. I hate that cyst. I hate, hate, hate that cyst on your behalf. I am going to say a prayer for miraculous healing. In fact, I'm going to say lots of prayers for miraculous healing, every time you come to mind, which is probably more often than you'd think (not in a creepy way, but in an I'm-invested-in-your-story kind of way).

    I am just so sorry about all of this. Feel my hug.

  12. Wanna trade your cyst for my anovulatory cycle. What can I say? Weeeeee suuuuck. ;)

    Chin up buttercup! Your FSH is outstanding! I know you are focused on the short term NOW of wanting to get the party started, but long term that awesome FSH is going to work to your benefit way more!

    1. Together we make quite a pair, no?! I was more excited yesterday about the FSH...turns out, an elevated E2 can suppress and mask a high FSH number. So there really is no way to know that the FSH was a true number.

      Can I start hitting my head against a wall yet?

    2. We are absolutely ridiculous. Can you please fly to Texas so we can just drink wine in commiseration all weekend please?

      I have heard that high E2 can suppress FSH, but I thought E2 had to be super duper high to do that, more than yours was. Gosh darnit! Yes, I give you permission to hit your head against the wall. I hope you see improvement on Saturday, but if not, I say just clock out and reclaim your weekend. You need a break from all things fertility as much as I do I'm sure.

    3. A giant vat of wine and I'm there!!!

      Just found out I'm going to TWO labs tomorrow to rule out any possibility of errors. At least my RE is being thorough!