Wednesday, May 8, 2013

All the stuff in between

Wow. I can't believe that my last post was over 9 days ago. Maybe I took my little break a little to seriously. I haven't necessarily been out living it up. I've actually been pretty chill these past 2 weeks.

I think I left off probably headed to some mexican restaurant to enjoy a much needed margarita...

I did that.

This is a Fire & Ice margarita with jalapeƱo infused tequila, hibiscus, basil, habanero reduction and a tres chiles ice ball. It was as delicious as it sounds.

Then I decided why stop I went to another mexican restaurant.

How can you possibly beat chips and guacamole with a margarita in a mason jar. You really can't.

Then...we moved on to Sunday Funday Bloody Mary's.

These are my yes, I made this one.

Following my weekend of cocktails, we decided to jump back on the health wagon and started juicing.

I can say that we've had some hits and some misses. This one, was a hit.

Then I decided to start adding molasses to my apple cider vinegar water. (Still determined to do whatever necessary to get rid of my pesky cyst.

This was just god awful. I don't recommend it. The water turns the color of poop water and I gagged the entire time I drank it. I did however, manage to choke down a whole bottle. Once.

Husband has been trying to perfect the art of deviled eggs. This attempt was rather successful. 

If you're wondering, those are dill pickles and sirracha sauce. YUM.

All of this triggered the need to get my mini-garden going. Please note, I live in a condo and my "garden" lives on my balcony. 

Mint (for Mojitos)


Green Peppers for our cats because they are fat and are on diets and yes, they eat green peppers. 

All of this manual labor sparked the need for a overdose of bubbles in my bath.

Note my tiny toes trying to creep into the picture.

Okay and I found this piece of art that should I ever get to the point of a nursery and for now, we'll just hope that time is coming, I will be recreating this...

because I really, truly do love this.

Then I received a package in the mail from a dear friend with this sweet note attached.

Cysts begone indeed. 

And this!! She sent me her fertility yoga discs which I immediately started this morning because....

last night I got THIS! Which means...MY CYCLE IS BACK TO NORMAL because today is cycle day 14 and appears to be O day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So today is a sunny, happy day which equals a summer dress to celebrate. 

Don't mind the (see I told you she was fat) cat.


  1. Love all those fab cocktail shots!! I was hoping the DVD made it your way -- bye, bye, cysts!! Hope you enjoy it. The Breath of Fire parts really gave my lungs a workout.

    Adore your summery dress. (And Julio also eats green peppers! And carrots! And he'd rip out your jugular for a slice of mango!)

    Hugs and happy Wednesday!

  2. This post kinda reminded me of the children's book series "If you give a mouse a cookie" lol. Loved all the pictures, esp those of the adult bev's. And yay for that smiley little guy :)

  3. I started a garden this year too!! Hoping things grow :)

  4. What great pictures and so fun! Thanks for sharing. And it is always such a relief to get the little smiley. :o)

  5. Do you have a yummy recipe for the bloody Mary's that you would like to share?

    Yay for O'ing!!!!!!!

    1. I use Hoosier Mama Bloody Mary mix. I think it's made here in Indiana or Zing Zang. Though we've recently used our juicer, which made an amazing mix!!! I also use worstershire, horseradish, lime juice, a bloody mary seasoning mix, that I get from a local spice shop (I think a mix of celery salt and pepper), a hit of some sort of hot sauce. I think the key is shaking it in a martini shaker. I also use Absolut Peppar Vodka. Then I garnish with blue cheese olives and "Mean Beans" (marinated spicy green beans from Whole Foods)

  6. Yay for a back to normal cycle and for O day!! Love your dress :)

  7. Awesome! Happy to see so much fun being had. Please tell your DH that those eggs look really good. I LOVE pickles and I'd never thought to put them on a deviled egg. Yum!

    Such cute pics, and yay for the +OPK and a normal cycle!

  8. Wow looks like you've been having a great time! I can't believe your husband makes deviled eggs- impressive!! Glad to hear things are going so well for you :)

  9. Margarita's and Bloody's? My kind of gal. :)

  10. What a fun entry! I loved reading this and seeing a glimpse of your life! And YAY YAY YAY for your cycle and O-day!

  11. Fun! I have that yoga DVD and it's pretty good!

  12. Those drinks like amazing, especially the first one! I am so glad for your sunny, happy day and for your body getting back to normal. Hoping for a natural BFP this time, but if not, your IVF cycle is finally almost here!

  13. Agh! Those cocktails and deviled eggs look delicious. Made me want some. I am glad your cycle is back to normal for you.

  14. 1. We missed you for 9 days. :)
    2. Cute fat cat!
    3. Glad you had a nice little drink fest...sometimes you need it.
    4. Jealous of your veggie garden. I live in a rural area on .5 acres with no fence. The deer come in my yard and eat everything! Roses included. No gardens for me.
    5. Those deviled eggs are making me hungry.
    6. Hope your cyst goes away.
    7. Get after that O...or I'm sure you already have. :)
    8. Thinking about you today. I know it must be hard without your mom and dealing with not being a mom.
    Hugs, my friend!

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