Friday, September 13, 2013

Oh, for the love of all things

My hCG is 6. I waited to go in and test till yesterday, hoping that a week and a half would have given it plenty of time to drop from 16. No such luck, I go back in on Monday. Major, boo hiss.

Trust me, I know I'm close, but 5 weeks to get my hCG down from a measly 179 seems a bit ridiculous.

Today is also a big day. In about an hour, I'll be calling CCRM and handing them over our savings for this donor cycle. It's all due before she starts stims which is next weekend. I didn't want to have any issues, so we're paying a week early.

Pretty anxious and nervous about how Goose will respond. Also nervous about fertilization. Dr. G swears we don't need ICSI. It's hard not to just want to go that route anyway, because it seems like that's the better fertilization rate. He says our fertilization rate should be the same, around 80%. I get it. I've asked a dozen times, and he still says he doesn't recommend ICSI for us, but we can always do rescue ISCI if needed. I should and (am trying) to trust my doctor that works with one of the best labs in the country. We went here for a reason. But still...I'm a gal with no eggs, and this is my best chance to get some, I don't want anything going wrong.

T started his three weeks of no caffeine or no alcohol. Especially with doing natural fertilization, he was told 3 weeks prior to retrieval, to stop both. The alcohol, while yes, he likes a good glass of wine or a crown and ginger here and there, was not AS stressed about giving up as his morning mocha lattes. (Well, and his afternoon ones as well) Poor guy was SO sleepy last night.

Lets be honest gals, for what we give up and put our bodies through...I'm not really feeling all that sympathetic! He can do it. I'm cheering him on and have promised no wine or vanilla chai's for me either these next several weeks that would rub it in. See, I am a good wife.

Everyone have a good weekend. Hopefully I have a good hCG report on Monday/Tuesday followed by a cycle day 1, finally!!

Goose starts stims in 9 days!!!


  1. Lots and lots of luck to you with the donor egg! I pray it works for you! My husband would have the hardest time giving up his caffeine too! He sits next to the coffee pot every morning waiting for it to be done!

  2. I feel you on the HCG, mine went from 26 last week to 11 this week. Ugh, just get to zero already! Congrats on the donor cycle pay off! I know how stressful the finances of IVF and fertility treatments in general can be; now you can focus on the positives. I will pray you get a zero at your next beta!

  3. I was telling the Moms in the Making ladies this passed week that I never feel sorry for my husband dropping off samples, etc! Ha, call me a bad wife, but do they know what we have to go through. Fertility stuff aside, let's just start with the monthly AF! Glad he is willing to make the sacrifice though! I'm surprised they didn't say 3 months because of the 90 day sperm cycles?! (Clearly I know a lot about sperm). Congrats on the big day even though I know you are frustrated about your HCG!! Thinking about you Suzanne!

  4. What is it about hCG of 6? Me, you, and Megz ALL got an hCG of 6. So strange and ridiculous! Boo hiss, but at least it is still dropping...even if it is slow as molasses.

    I can understand your hesitation on not doing ICSI, but if his sperm is normal then there is no need. My RE doesn't do it either unless it's needed. I was also confused...thought ICSI made sure ALL the eggs were fertilized, but he explained to me that's not the case. It does seem logical that you'd want the strongest little guys to do the job themselves. There is something to be said about natural selection and why it's good to go that route as a first choice. Plus, it's one less poke and prod of your precious little baby-to-be's.

  5. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!???? Your HCG and my Parvo don't want to leave. Normally I would be flattered but GO ALREADY! I hope that the next blood test shows 0 and you can get moving forward.

    Praying for an amazing stim cycle and fertilization report. You deserve this.

  6. Go Goose!!! I hope she lays TONS of golden eggs!

  7. I hate when it takes for ever to that HCG to get back to baseline...Hopefully the metho was not too bad on ya..xxxx's

  8. 9 days!!!!! Ahhhh!! I can't wait to hear all of the updates :). XO

  9. It's getting close! That is great they can do emergency ICSI just in case ... especially if it calms your nerves! I'm excited for you, Suzanne. :)

  10. Oh man, that slow as molasses dropping HCG... it's a killer!!!!! Hurry up already. I LOL'd at not being all "that" sympathetic with your hubs, I totally get it. But, you're and awesome wife for sticking to the same regime as he has to.

    I'm excite to hear how many eggs Goose "lays". Good luck!!!!

  11. Boo! I'm sorry Suzanne! I was really hopeful that the HCG would be o-ver! I'm sure it will be gone next time… so close!

    You're so sweet to support your husband sans caffeine and alcohol! I hope he knows what a good wife he has!!!

    Can't wait to hear how Goose does on the stims! Wishing all of you lots of blessings as you move forward!

  12. Bummer! How annoying. I'm sorry, Suzanne. Hopefully you get to zero soon.

    But how exciting that goose is getting ready to stim. We might be pretty close in terms of transfer date. Maybe?

    Are you doing the beta intregin 3 test?

    Dr. S at CCRM told my hubby he didn't need to worry about caffeine intake as that is more for me. But maybe that's because we already knew we're doing ICSI.


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