Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 3 - My Nine

Of course CCRM calls me when I'm in the middle of my ballet barre class. Luckily, I was taking no chances and have been carrying around a pad of paper and my phone everywhere I go. 

Sprinting out the door to take the call may have been the most my heart rate increased during that entire workout. Well, that and then having to wait till after class to call T, send texts and update my blog. 

All NINE are still going! 

8 are between 6 & 10 cell and show less than 10% fragmentation
1 is a 5 cell and shows 15% fragmentation

The embryologist sounded really happy with the report and said the quality is looking great, so I'll be happy for now! I do know that usually only make it to quality blast stage in order to be frozen. Which means three more go-to-beds before I know for sure how many shots at this I have. 

I may need to drink/medicate myself into a coma until Monday. 

I mentioned this the other day, this is completely new territory for me. So feel free to chime in on what I can realistically expect will make it to freeze? 


  1. This is SO GREAT!!!! I don't think my experience will be similar to yours, as we had severe male factor which really reduced the # of good quality embryos because we had very high fragmentation. But my guess for you is that at least 5/9 will make it to blast :)

    Fingers crossed!

  2. I have no clue what to expect... I've been googling the heck out of this all week. : ( BUT, I have to believe this is FABULOUS news so far! SOOOOO excited for you! You and Trevor deserve some really wonderful news! Praying for your little embryos! Grow, grow, grow!

  3. This is awesome, Suzanne! If I were you ... I would realistically be hoping/expecting that 3 to 5 can make it to freeze ...? And THAT is fantastic! I think this is your time, girl!!!

  4. I have no idea what is a realistic number to make it to freeze but I love the number 9! It's always been my lucky number! This is so exciting. Just made my weekend!

  5. This is very good news. Very good news indeed. I'm so, SO thrilled for you. And yes, drink all the pinot you want. Because you won't be able to when you're pregnant and nursing :)

    1. I hope my optimism isn't annoying. I just feel so hopeful for you, Suzanne.

  6. I have no idea as I am barely going through it myself. So far it sounds like fabulous news if the embryologist is pleased. Praying for you Suzanne.

  7. Awesome news Suzanne! I will be praying that as many as possible of your embies continue to grow strong and make it to freeze quality!

  8. Looking forward to Monday's report!! Hoping there's lots to freeze, so far this is awesome!! *hugs*