Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Say what?! Like, WHAT?!

Wow. What a day this has been. I'm hoping it was my low point this weekend that had the IF Gods (as BFF JB calls them) taking notice and smiling down on me today. My hope is...they continue to do so.

Cycle Day 9 Recap:

I started off with an early morning acupuncture appointment. I then raced to my ultrasound appointment, already resigned to the fact that my lining would be thin. With Thanksgiving tomorrow they were doing the u/s on cycle day 9 instead of the normal cycle day 10. So I'm expecting maybe a few small follicles and the IUI's most likely being scheduled over the weekend, at the earliest.

Boy was I dead wrong!
First of all, my lining was 9mm!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!?! I've never had a lining thicker than 6! So before I could remove my jaw from the floor, I found out about my follies:

Left Ovary: 29x17, 22x16
Right Ovary: 23x17

My LH was 12, so the doctor called me with those results at 2:30 today and told me to take my Ovidrel at 3 pm. What a perfect excuse to start my holiday weekend a few hours early and get a jump start on traffic! Trigger is now done and I'm already in my comfy pants!

IUI #1 - We have to have Mr. T's sample at the office by 8 am. My IUI will be around 9 am.
IUI #2 - Mr. T will have his sample at the office at 10:30 am, IUI following.

Taking turkey bastering on Thanksgiving to a whole new level, eh?!

YAY! I finally feel confident! Lining. Check. Follies. Check. Trigger. Check. 2 IUI's CHECK! Now I know that this certainly doesn't mean it will work. But I'm so very happy that things are at least lining up. Today I have hope that even if this isn't the's going to happen, we'll get there. What a huge difference from how sad and lost I felt last Thanksgiving which fell only 4 days after my D&C.

Happy Happy Thanksgiving to all of you lovely ladies whether you have your miracle sitting in your lap, whether you recently got your BFP, or are still on the journey. Hugs to all of you.


  1. Woot! Woot!! Sounds like everything is "lining" up!!! Praying for a great basting for those thanksgiving follies!!!

  2. I am so excited!! This is the Thanksgiving you got knocked up! Lol!!!! Happy Thanksgiving and good luck!!! Yeah for a cooperating body!

  3. Woohoo!! Everything is looking good. Wishing that this cycle brings you, your BFP. Goodluck!

  4. Turkey basting to a whole new level! Bahaha! Love it.

    I really think having a healthy lining makes all the difference, and if this isn't a picture perfect cycle I don't know what is! You should be very happy with how things are progressing! I'm going to be stalking your 2 week wait lady!!

  5. I just found your blog through Baby Center. Pretty sure we are cycle buds. My husband and I got back from our first IUI. Completely surreal and definitely not how I anticipated makin a babe...but it is what it is. Glad I found you and look forward to following along on your journey.

    1. We are cycle buds! Please keep me updated on how this 2ww goes for you. I'm thinking the most positive thoughts for you!

  6. Good luck!!!

    I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Please check out my blog for the questions.


  7. just wanted to let you know, I nominated you for the Liebster Award- go to my Blog for all the info-

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