Monday, July 30, 2012

8 DPO and still waiting...

I've been trying my best to keep myself busy. This weekend was good, I rarely even touched my laptop. Figured it was for the best. I can't say that I feel strongly about this cycle working, 8 DPO is early, but I feel absolutely no different than I have on any other cycle. I did go in for my p4 blood draw this morning and should have the results back this afternoon. My doctor gave me the choice of continuing the blood draw since every cycle has proven a strong ovulation, there was no reason to think this cycle wouldn't do the same. However, without my BBT to fall back on, I really wanted to see my p4 numbers if nothing else, but for peace of mind.

I've been testing out my HCG trigger shot. I think today was pretty much negative. I could see where the test line was supposed to be, but even that was squinting. I think that any positive later this week would certainly not be from the trigger. It's a little sad to see that BFP go away, regardless of it being "fake".

These past few days I've been just blah. Not overly distraught over TTC, but not exactly in a great frame of mind either. I'm

25 days till my RE appointment. Not that I'm counting...


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