Monday, July 16, 2012

Countdown to RE...38 days

I have been trying to get a hold of my doctor or his nurse since last Monday. That's 8 freaking days. The first day I called, he's not in, leave a message. 2 days later, he's still not in, leave a message. 2 more days later, oh, he's been out all week. Sheesh, couldn't that have been communicated on Monday?! I was told his nurse would call me today.

Well of course today came and no call. When I finally called (again) and spoke with a front office staff I found out that my doctor is out until Thursday! I'm all for vacations. By all means, but some organization please?!?! Surely patients still have needs when they are out of the office, why no back up plan? I told her that I'm on my 3rd cycle of Clomid. I want an ultrasound. I have concerns about my lining and I'm on CD 8, and I can't really wait till he gets back to get on the schedule and ask permission. What's my next option? Apparently the nurse is back tomorrow and is receiving yet another message from me. Awesome. Is this going to be like the cook at a restaurant spitting in your food for sending your meal back to many times?!? I feel like I'm being such a bother, but I really need to do something productive this cycle. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure I'll skip Clomid next cycle before heading to the RE. This is going to be a long 38 days till that appointment...

On a more positive note...I forgot to mention that I finally broke and read Fifty Shades of Grey over vacation. Not just the first one, but all THREE in 6 days! I couldn't put the damn books down. My husband was a huge fan of my reading material. Wow, the ideas it can put in your head!!! It certainly spiced up our vacation! With O around the corner, I'm thinking I need to have another sexy book in the wings for this weekend. :)


  1. I completely understand your feelings about being a bother. I feel that way all the time. My doctor (thankfully) doesn't seem to be bothered by me, but I don't always feel like he takes the time to really understand what I'm asking about. Like when I asked about progesterone suppositories and he said that it was "bullshit" to take them as it just artificially inflates your numbers (which leads me to believe that he was talking about supplements, not suppositories - but of course, I can't think that fast when I'm on the phone with him! Ahh, the annoyances!

    Hope your doctor calls back and is willing to do an ultrasound!

  2. Hi Ingrid! Still waiting on the call. It's frustrating when your doctor is out of the office for almost 2 full weeks! He called me Monday night and one of us was having phone issues because I would answer but we couldn't hear one another. I can't begin to tell you how upset I was! He's back in the office tomorrow, so hopefully I'll hear from him then at the latest.

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