Sunday, July 15, 2012

Back home

I have mixed emotions about being back home. We've been gone for 12 amazing days. Relaxed doesn't even begin to say how I've felt this past week. Such a difference from where I was 2 weeks ago. Hopefully this vacation really gave me the mental TLC that I've been needing to go into this 7th cycle since the miscarriage.

I really missed our cats. They've been SOOOO happy to have us home. I missed my friend, who I got a little time with today to play catch up. Other than that, quite honestly, I could leave again and never look back. I do not want to go back to my job. There is such a negative energy there and I know that's a big reason for a lot of my stress and anxiety these past few months, among other things. Hopefully the break will mean I can go back tomorrow with a new, fresh outlook and can completely ignore the negativity around me. Here's hoping!!

I'm on cycle day 7. Last day of Clomid. I've been pretty lax compared to the past few months. I've still been temping and using my fertility monitor, but I haven't been logging my results for the fertility monitor like I typically do. I'm just going by the calendar in the monitor that says how fertile I am...honestly, anything else is overkill and I'm letting all of that go for a bit! I will do the OPK's later this week. Since in Clomid Cycle 1 I ovulated on CD 17 and in Comid Cycle 2 I ovulated on CD 12, I really have no idea what day O will happen. I'll probably plan on 2-3 OPK's a day starting on CD 10, just in case. I bought the super cheap ones on the internet so I can POAS to my little hearts content.

I'm hoping to hear from my doctor tomorrow, I'm still hoping for a little more monitoring this week. He was on vacation last week, so the day I was all pumped up to talk to him, he wasn't there. We'll see how forceful I can be come tomorrow.

Acupuncture will be on Tuesday followed by our couples therapy session to discuss the fertility anxieties we have.

That's my little update for now. xo


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