Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Emotional Moments - 10 dpo

Here I sit, a few minutes after a phone call with my doctor's office, who had relatively good news. My progesterone level was 48. Similar to last month. A very good number. It shows, yet again, a strong ovulation. However, as soon as I hung up the phone, the tears came. I know in my heart it didn't happen this month. (Aside from the BFN today) I know 10 dpo is still technically early, but I just don't feel it.

I think all of this just really scares me. I'm concerned that maybe there is a complication from the multiple D&C's. T's sperm analysis was great. So that's fine. We DTD 3 days prior, on O day and 2 days after. We got all the right days, just like the previous 5 cycles. So what gives? This is my heartache today.

We leave for vacation in a few hours. It's much needed. Time with just T and I to relax, eat good food, shop and well, lets face it, most likely partake in some very good wine. So I'm taking this moment to shed a few tears then I'm going to try my hardest to just enjoy our first "alone" vacation since our honeymoon. It's husband and wife time. Not TTC time.


  1. I'm sorry that you're feeling discouraged. It's still early though...don't lose hope!

  2. I understand all too well, my friend. Sending you hugs. Enjoy your vacation! Make me jealous of all the good food you're going to eat. ;-) Most of all, enjoy your much-needed and deserved down-time.

    1. Thank you, thank you for your never ending support ladies!

  3. Hi - new follower. It's good that you're ovulating! My progesterone numbers were .07. Yep, that's right... no O :(
    I'll probably be starting Femera soon. Good luck to you!

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