Wednesday, July 25, 2012

All my crazy moments

Lets be honest. I am the most indecisive, worry-driven, OCD individual I know. Which means TTC, is just extra difficult for me. Not to mention I'm an accountant and it's my job to make numbers line up. So when they don't, I go into a tizzy. I'm absolutely certain I drive my OBGYN crazy and he's probably as happy as I am that I'll be moving on to an RE next month. I most likely even drive some of my TTC cyber buddies nuts with my constant worries, so my apologies ladies!! (trust me, I'm like this with everything in my life!!) My friends and husband would be nodding in agreement right now.

So, officially today, I'm considering myself 3 dpo and I'm just going to go with it. My temps have almost been laughable. Every day since Saturday, they've rose 2 tenths. So I'm definitely over my coverline now, and hopefully that trend will continue throughout the cycle. I'm going with the advise I've been given and I'm going to forego temping and monitoring the rest of the cycle and just assume that all the extra hormones have it all a little whacked out. It seems odd to think that I won't take my temperature over the next two weeks after 7 straight months of waking up at 6 am just for that!

I was still having O cramps even through last night where the even seemed to be closer to my uterus. Weird. We're going to say that's just residual cramping from a great big, strong O this month! See all this positiveness I've got going today!? If I type it all out, maybe I'll start believing it!

Acupuncture yesterday was perfect. I am just so relaxed after a visit. He also was in agreement with the month off of meds in August if this cycle doesn't work, and allowing my body to gear up for my RE appointment. He was also slightly concerned about my thin lining. Hopefully that's thickened enough that this cycle has possibilities, if not, I'm going to go into my appointment knowing that most things ARE lining up every month and this doctor is going to know exactly what needs to be done to make every single star align for us. I've been told this doctor leaves no stone unturned and is the best in the city. (no doubt considering the 3 month wait for my first appointment!)

I'm feeling much better today and I'm trusting in everything that we did this month. There really isn't anything else that we could have done or can do.


  1. I'm glad things are going okay. I just love acu!! I was all in a tizzy when I went and since then I'm just relaxed and happy. I'm so hoping "next cycle" isn't for a long time for you! :-)

  2. I'm so glad you're feeling better!! It's funny how after so long trying, it's hard to not think automatically for the next cycle. I guess my positive thinking only goes so far. ;-)

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