Monday, September 17, 2012

About to break...

This cycle has been by far my worst. I'm to the point of either screaming or just breaking down in a puddle of tears.

I started Provera (10 days) last Thursday. Yesterday I had the faintest of faint spotting, but didn't think anything of it and took my 4th dose of the Provera. This morning I woke up to AF. So after 42 days, it's finally here, cd 1. Today started off with a sigh of relief that we're finally moving forward.

I called my RE's office at 8:45 am to let them know, find out if I should continue the Provera or stop and whether or not I go forward with the Femara tomorrow (cd 2). I also wanted to know if I need to plan for any cd 3 blood work and what the plan for the injectibles were. All and all, it seemed like fairly important questions that should be addressed quickly. Especially since there are meds involved.

Next I called and scheduled an acupuncture visit for Friday, cd 5, since cd 7 is on a Sunday. He said better to get in early, than late.

Since then...waiting. I've had my phone on me constantly. Walking to the bathroom, to the printer, to get a water bottle and even sitting on the table at lunch just in case.

STILL waiting.

At 3:50 I called again even though they specifically say on the voicemail that I should not leave duplicate messages. I knew they close at 4 pm and really need to know if I should take the dose of Provera tonight. The comments I got on BBC were mixed, so where I thought I would just stop, I don't know what my doctor would have me do.

I'm frustrated mostly because, while I know this is one of the best RE's in the city, I really started going to him so I wouldn't be waiting for days for a response or having these frustrations of not being able to get answers. Here I am, in the exact same position. I have no clue if they call patients after hours. I had been planning on writing a "yay, finally" post complete with the doctor's orders for this coming week and it's turned into yet another venting/frustration post.

Update--My vent worked

The doctor's office just called. Whew. I was about to go postal.

I'm stopping the Provera, this is officially cycle day 1! Time for my Yaaaaayyyyyy!! I start 5mg of Femara tomorrow and then I go in on Wednesday for a baseline ultrasound with the nurses and I'll also order and learn how to do the injections and will start those later this week.

The Black Eyed Peas song running through my head right now, as I do my best white girl bootie shake is...

Let's get it started (ha)
Let's get it started in here
Let's get it started (ha)
Let's get it started in here


  1. After all that hell, I'm glad CD 1 is here and that the RE called you. It's time for a B.F.P.!! Yeah!

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