Friday, September 28, 2012

Holy moly it must be a litter!

My right ovary is throbbing! The left chimes in every now and then, but the right is pretty constant, It started up pretty good yesterday and is even worse today. Of course makes me wonder how many of those 4 follies is trying to release. My lower back has been hurting for a few days. I got a + (or really close to it) OPK last night just prior to my trigger shot. I took it at 10 pm on the dot! I started getting worried that my IUI on Saturday morning could be to late! Especially since they said Wednesday night was the last time we could baby dance prior to Saturday's procedure.

So of course after googling at 3 am this morning under the covers so T wouldn't catch me...I got even more concerned. So many stories about how they triggered right after a + OPK then did the IUI the following day. Well crap. First thing I did on my way in to work this morning was call my RE's office and the nurse told me it's all being timed perfectly, not to worry, we're still good for Saturday. I guess I feel better, but it seem so out of my control when it all depends on this one little IUI to get all the little guys up and where they need to be in a timely fashion! Add in the pain I'm having today, it's hard not to think that ovulation could happen today instead of tomorrow. I'm paying to trust the doctor, so I guess that's all I can do at this point.

Tomorrow is the first time in 4 years that I will not be walking in the Ovarian Cancer walk/run in my city. I've always done a big fund raising effort and had a group of my friends and my mother's friends walk together in her memory followed by brunch. These past few months have been so tough without her that, emotionally, I just wasn't able to pull it together. That said, I did think that T and I would go and walk together anyway, just the two of us. Well, that's of course changed now, since my IUI will be during this time. Here's hoping that it was a sign all along that this year I'd be doing something even more important. I know my Mom is cheering me on wherever tomorrow's "walk" may lead me!

Lastly, I've decided on homemade pineapple ice cream for my couch time tomorrow. Delish AND great for implantation. Bonus!

And no, I most definitely won't forget the hot fudge!!

As always, thanks gals, for your never-ending support!!


  1. I will be e-mailing you tomorrow to check how things went! And I definitely want a review of the pineapple ice cream. All my fingers and toes crossed for you, chica!!!!!!!

  2. good luck!!! we didn't have any luck with our trigger... i got a +opk on the day i was supposed to trigger and i swear i ovulated before i even triggered at midnight that night, then the iui was 36h after that. i told the nurse and she basically said the same thing yours did... i think she used the word "impossible", even though my last u/s was on friday, saturday morning i got the +opk, saturday night we triggered, and we did the iui on monday.

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