Thursday, September 13, 2012

Never ending cycle. Day 39

Seriously?! I'm all ready to start this next journey with my new RE + meds + IUI and I can't seem to start another cycle! I'm so frustrated I could scream. I took 5 days of Provera last week and finished that on Saturday. Here I am, 5 days after that, and still nothing.


Sorry, it's going to be one of those posts. I've even been temping, kinda on and off, this cycle. There was a definite shift at some point. Hard to say exactly which day that happened, but I went from consistent temps of 97.33 for the first 23 days, to the past week and a half or so of temps of over 98. So potentially I did ovulate? I would have thought my temps wouldn't have rose had I not. I'm not thinking BFP, because well, there was no baby dancing...we were traveling to different parts of the country the past 2 weeks. (and yes, I did test just to be sure)

Even if I did ovulate around CD 23-24 (which is 2 weeks later than I normally do) then I'd be around 16 dpo. So either way, I'm late.


Isn't it bad enough we've been wanting a BFP for 14 months now and the month after month of disappointment, that when I finally get to move forward it's like my body is saying, nah. Lets just not.

This is me mad and annoyed.


  1. I was just getting ready to email and ask about AF. WTF indeed!!! Big fat mad frowny face!!!

  2. I'm right there with you. Day 42. Just haven't called for the provera yet. I will in the AM. Dang.

  3. *hugs* I totally understand you being frustrated, especially when you have a good game plan going and you are ready to get it started. I hope AF comes soon so you can get started.

  4. C'mon new cycle! I have heard it takes longer for the Provera to kick in for some women. Maybe you can go in for an u/s if it doesn't come in a week's time? It's funny how sometimes all we want is for AF to come! I have been there. Hang tight. She'll show soon enough!

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