Wednesday, September 26, 2012

First IUI is...


My cycle day 10 ultrasound went great! I had 4 follicles in total. Two on each side. One large and one small on the right and one large and one small on the left. The dominant follicle on the right measured at 20mm and the dominant follicle on the left measured at 18mm. The smaller ones were less than 15mm so the doctor wasn't really concerned with those. My lining was 6.5mm and they want it at 8mm, but they said it will continue to thicken over the next few days.

So the plan is...

He would like the follicle on the left to get a tad bigger, so tonight I'll do my last shot of Gonal F. Tomorrow at 10 pm, I'll do the Ovidrel trigger shot. Saturday at 8:30 am, Mr. T will be making his "contribution" and at 10 am, we do the IUI. The only thing that could change the timing is if this morning's blood work shows I'm close to ovulating on my own, they'll move everything up a day. I've been taking OPK's and they have been as negative as negative can get, so I'm thinking the blood work will keep things on track for Saturday.

Everything seems to be going great so far, and I responded perfectly to the meds. Now, if I can only get my body to cooperate the rest of the way, maybe, just maybe we can make a baby this weekend. Here's freakin' hoping.

T is on abstinence lock down until Saturday. We BD'd yesterday morning and he had permission to "relieve" himself this morning after I left. That gives him 4 days to stew the perfect batch of swimmers!

So...Saturday afternoon, please expect to find me on my couch watching chick-flicks and eating ice cream and most likely updating my blog!!!

Fingers and toes are crossed!!


  1. Good luck to you! Hopefully first time's the charm!

  2. Hoping for the very best for you! So excited for you guys to have a great chance at making a baby this weekend! woo hoo

  3. Make sure to get the hot fudge too! Good luck to you!

  4. Good luck with your IUI this weekend! I hope everything goes perfectly for you :)

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