Wednesday, September 19, 2012

All systems far.

I had my baseline ultrasound this morning to check for cysts, my lining and discuss the Gonal-f injections. Everything looked on track. No cysts, or at least anything that looked concerning whatsoever. My lining was 4mm, but I was told that's normal at CD 3.

I started taking the 5mg of Femara last night. The nurse is calling in my injections to be delivered on Friday. I'll start taking the Gonal-f Saturday - Tuesday. Next Wednesday morning I'll have a CD 10 u/s to check where things are and determined if I need to continue with the injections. She did say it will most likely be to early to trigger, but at least we'll have a better idea of the timing of when that will happen and if the IUI will happen based on how many follicles. 5 or more, and we cancel. (It's really hard to imagine 4, but we're trusting the doctor on this--I guess the more targets the better!) I am a little nervous about injections in my belly! I'm sure it will be no big deal and the thought is much worse that how it actually is. It just sounds like it's no fun!! 

I already knew this, but it was confirmed that my insurance does not cover anything for fertility. Big bummer. So we're paying out of pocket from here on out. I just created a nice little spreadsheet to keep track. Not sure we'll want to look at the bottom number when this is all said and done, but if we get a baby, you won't hear a single complaint from me. 

Acupuncture is scheduled for this Friday and again next Friday. Just hoping and crossing all fingers and toes that my body has a good response. Whether it works this first cycle or not, I just would like to know that things are progressing past the Clomid fiasco. 

Can you tell I'm still a little scorned from that 4 month waste?! 


  1. Sounds like you're off to a great start! I have 0 fertility coverage also, so I feel your pain. It's gonna get pricey with injectables, but you are right...will be worth every penny! GL girl!

  2. Goodluck and stay positive during this new journey:)

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