Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fate or just good timing? (update from earlier)

Not sure if it's fate or just really good timing due to the tough times lately and I usually roll my eyes at such things...but...

We went to PF Changs for dinner tonight before T heads out of town for the next week. Below was my fortune cookie...

Really, what are the odds?! T probably planted this and I'm questioning the authenticity.

Regardless, needed this little boost. Thanks for the love ya'll.


  1. I believe they are ahead!! And when you start doubting the happier days, just know that there are so many people who are still believing for you.

  2. PF Changs...yum! And what a great fortune! I have one one PF Changs that I saved and hung on my fridge...still there 2 years later!

  3. Fate or really good timing.... Doesn't matter! Happier days are a' commin'

  4. I like it! Good numbers too....2 of those are my lottery numbers!

    Off topic, but just wondering if you'd have PF Chang's banana egg rolls for dessert? OMG, I know it sounds weird, but unbelievably yummy! Love that place!

  5. LOVE this. Big hugs, my friend! Shit, what a week, huh?

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