Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Throwing caution to the wind

This is a month of "who the heck knows"...

I know what cycle day I'm on but that's it! This is a first for me. With T traveling so much this month and only seeing him during certain days, not to mention how sick I was last week, the temping and the OPK's have been pushed aside. It's been quite liberating.

I spent the weekend in LA with the hubs and it was fantastic. We ate good food and saw some great friends. It was a super fast visit, but well worth it. We really needed some time away like that and we got it. We had fun, we laughed and most importantly, pushed the tears aside as well. After the past month, I feel like I turned a corner. Maybe it's just accepting and understanding and now moving forward with the diagnosis of DOR.

T is leaving again tomorrow for a week, this time I'll be visiting him in Chicago over the weekend. Luckily that's just a 3 hour drive vs. a 5 hour flight across the country. I have MLK day off which makes it even better. Not to mention, we have our second consultation with the RE at Fertility Centers of Illinois that day.

We plan on seeing Zero Dark Thirty, eating a really good steak and probably freeze our tushes off walking around Michigan Avenue. Fun, fun times!!

Another big accomplishment I thought I'd share (well two):

1) I spent all afternoon/evening with our friends and their 2 month old baby. He was a doll and I handled it like a champ.

2) I didn't punch the guy next to us on the plane that asked if we had kids, how old were we and then "well you better hurry up"... Ya think, big fella?!?

Ear buds, please?


  1. Zero dark thirty is AWESOME! I just saw it with the hubs. It's long but needs to be and I think you'll enjoy it. Proud of you for showing restraint!

  2. So glad you are taking a break from temping and OPK's and letting go a little. I'm doing the same right now. I have NO clue where I'm at in my cycle! So weird, but quite freeing!

    Enjoy your weekend in Chicago and BIG kudos on not smacking that guy on the plane. Some people are just so ignorant! haha!

  3. I love your sense of humor. Looking forward to following your journey. I just found your blog through Emily. Good luck in Chicago!