Friday, January 11, 2013

Moving on and good riddance

Yesterday was huge. It has been exactly one month since finding out about my high FSH levels and DOR. This has been a very stressful month as far as communication with my doctor. That all came to friction and I'm happy to report...

I told Dr. J to stick it. He finally called me. When I answered the phone he just said, "yes, I had a message to call you?" Bastard. I tried to tell him of my grievances in a civilized manor and he yelled at me! Multiple times that he had "MAJOR MEDICAL SURGERY". I finally told him that he was not listening to me. I completely understand that there were complications and that he had surgery but that had nothing to do with the many errors that have been made along the way in regards to my treatment. He was not in the least bit apologetic, but more combative and defensive. I ended the call with, thank you for taking the time to finally call me, but I'm moving in a different direction.

Chapter f'ing closed.

Prior to that phone call, I spent over an hour in the office of Dr. W. My OBGYN and acupuncturist recommended him. He's younger than my other doctors, like probably my age, but I was told that would be a good thing for me because he is as up to date as he can be and probably more willing to take risks. The office staff was fabulous. Friendly and kind. What a difference.

I started by telling him that I'm not looking for a doctor to tell me what I want to hear. That's not why I left my previous RE. I told him that I want to do is exhaust all reasonable and realistic options to have a child with my own eggs before we move on to donor eggs. I will embrace that route wholeheartedly when I know I've done what I can.

His plan for me based on what he also considered very good IUI cycles in the past would be to first do a saline infusion sonohysterography on my next cycle day 5, 6 or 7. That same cycle I will begin the same protocol that I was on previously. Letrozole/Femara followed by Gonal-F followed by trigger and IUI. We would do up to 2 more IUI cycles before he thinks that option will be exhausted. IF I continue to respond well (response is key to all of this) I can do an IVF cycle. My odds are only 15% with IVF. It's a very expensive option for very low chances. These next IUI's will definitely give us a good indication if we will want to go that route. It would probably be a one and done considering the costs and then move on to donor eggs which would be a 50-60% success rate. He high-fived me twice during our consult. I loved that.

A week from Monday we meet with the specialist in Chicago who has focus in the DOR area. I still fully intend to meet with him. No matter what direction I go with my treatment, I want his assessment of my situation. It's all about the best decisions for us and what makes the best sense. All of this feels right. Whether or not my eggs will be able to pull it together or not, I was not ready to move from "perfect" IUI cycles to BAM donor eggs. I feel much more comfortable with how things are going and the steps that need to be taken.

My husband has been in LA since last Friday. I flew in last night to spend the long weekend and what a great relief it was to throw myself in his arms after feeling puny and sick and all the emotions from the doctor fiasco! Looking forward to the change of scenery and having a little bit of fun for a change. If you're curious about this cycle, I'm on cycle day 12 and I left the BBT and OPK's at home!

Here's to winging it!


  1. Wow, this RE sounds more proactive than your previous one. I'm really praying for you to get your miracle baby with your own eggs. You deserve it, you have been through so much.

  2. Yeah, what she said. F YOU DR. J! There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for not calling you back for that long. Um, major medical surgery? Paleez! There are 24 hours in a day. I highly doubt he was busy for all of them. Glad you are cutting your losses and moving on. I don't think you were with him for all that long, right? So that is a really good thing. Onto bigger and better doctors who will give you the attention you deserve. There are plenty of great RE's out there, and I love that you aren't settling. You deserve much better than that! Your recent RE meeting sounded fantastic, and maybe you'll love the DOR specialist too! Then you'll have your pick!

    Have fun in LA and enjoy the change of scenery!

  3. I am so glad you had that convo with your old fing RE so you could have some closure. I am really just so sorry girl for how he was and what you experienced, but I'm glad you met with this new RE and I like the plan. I think your FSH should be retested every cycle as well because it can change all the time. I am also glad you are meeting with the Chicago guy and getting all the info you need. Please, please do not lose hope, you can def still be a mom!

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    1. Hi Jessah, I actually found out after months of asking for an FSH test and the RE telling me I didn't need it. He finally ran the test to "ease my mind" and my results weren't good. A subsequent AMH test was pretty dismal confirming DOR.