Tuesday, June 4, 2013

And then there were two...

The retrieval went well today. I'm not in any pain, just a little sleepy from the "double martini" the anesthesiologist said he was going to give me.

Unfortunately, out of three follicles, only two had eggs inside. Obviously, three is better than two, but two is better than one or none!! I'll get the fertilization report tomorrow, and hopefully at least one is healthy and can be frozen (or transferred if that's the only option).

They planned on draining the fluid from my uterus, but apparently it had resolved itself since Sunday as there was no more fluid. So that's great! They would check again prior to transfer, to make sure, they could always drain it then if it reappears.

Sorry for the quick update, but I'm thinking I'm in need of another nap before dinner.

Thanks for all the comment love and well wishes these past few days!!!


  1. Sleep away, my friend! On my knees for you and your two precious eggs tonight!

  2. Best wishes my sleepy friend. Dream away....

  3. Prayers!!! Hope you get great rest today/tonight and glad the fluid was all gone!

  4. Praying, praying, praying hard that both of these eggs fertilize. Take it easy girl. *Hugs*

  5. Yay for two eggs!! Yay for feeling well after retrieval and yay for no fluid!! Can't wait to hear your fertilization report... Fingers crossed! xoxo

  6. Awesome!! You are right, two is better than one or none, you have a lot to be happy about! I am praying for a good fertilization report tomorrow. Also good news that the fluid resolved itself. Good news all around! I am sending you tons of baby dust my friend xoxo