Monday, December 10, 2012

Cycle Day 2

Lets get some stats out of the way. This month will be my 15th cycle trying to conceive and my 12th cycle since my miscarriage. Ugh.

My BFN was confirmed with spotting on Saturday and full AF on Sunday. I spoke with my nurse today and I finally talked them into doing cycle day 3 blood work (FSH) tomorrow. I've been asking for this since August. I think they are finally doing it for my peace of mind and less because they think it's necessary. I certainly hope the results show that they are right. 

I was hoping to update after I had more information on my surgery. Their scheduler was supposed to call me today but didn't. I actually would like to go ahead and get the surgery this year. My deductible has been met, my job is crazy in January and T is out of town for the majority of January. My guess is, they will not be able to get me in by the end of next week, and I'll have to figure out surgery while T is out of town. Boo. Really hinders my would be pampering if he's not around. Guess I'll know for sure tomorrow when they call me. Guess at least if it is in January, I'll meet my deductible early on for 2013. If surgery doesn't happen in the next week, I guess we'll be trying on our own with no meds this month.

This weekend was pretty emotional. One, knowing that I had to go to my company Christmas party with lots of pregnant ladies. Exactly what I was looking forward to. Wanna know the most awesome part. One of the gals, that is due in February mind you, sat there sipping a glass of red wine the entire night. Really?! Luckily with 90 people there, I was able to ignore the 3 knocked up gals for the most part and had a pretty good time. Sunday I got a call from a friend of mine that had her second baby in September. I am beyond happy for her, but still hearing about how crazy her life is now knowing that I'm trying so hard month in and month out to have that life, it was just a tough phone call I guess. 

8 more work days in 2013. You have no idea how happy that makes me. Christmas shopping is done and we're heading to Florida in 11 days...another something that makes me happy. Guess I"m going to focus on the happy stuff for a bit. 

I'll leave ya'll with a little sample of one of the happier moments of the weekend...


  1. Suzanne, I just want to give you a huge, giant hug! I am so incredibly sorry and I totally feel and understand your frustration. I hate this month after month of just nothing, wondering when, wondering if, praying for a baby, praying to not want a baby, it is so hard. It's even harder with preggo women and women with infants who just don't get it. I'm really hoping that although this year is not ending the way we hope that the next one begins perfectly for us. As horrible as all this is, the payoff is so worth it and we will be mom's! *hugs* Hope the appt comes though.

  2. Dealing with all of the preggos and new moms is hard I know, but sometimes we have no other choice than to put on our big girls panties and AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE! haha j/k I know it sucks...dealing with much the same here myself. We'll get there soon enough and hopefully make it out with some friendships still in tact.

    Cute pics! So glad you are getting to FL and enjoying some time off. Gotta take care of you in this process. Hope you find a time you can get the lap safely and still can get some good pampering. You're always in my thoughts and prayers girlie. XO

  3. I know how you feel. It is my 38th cycle TTC. Wow! Scary to that in writing. Cute pics and I'm so glad I found your blog. I look forward to following journey.

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