Thursday, December 20, 2012

Results are in...

The FSH of 15.5 was no joke. My AMH confirms my eggs are either crap or there aren't many of them, or both. It was less than .16.

My doctor is still on medical leave since he had a knee replacement on Monday so I've not heard from him. The nurse said very little other than the number kind of reflects the high FSH number and I'd hear from the doctor probably after the holidays.

I have no idea where he'll want to go from here. I have no idea what my options are. I'm just trying to get through my last day of work for the year so that I can take a much needed mental break.

I'll update more when I can, for now, I'm just a little numb.



  1. I am so sorry to hear this for you! I am hopeful that your doc will have something positive to say regardless. Or at least that he will be willing to try something with your own eggs since that is what you want and you have been a good responder (as far as producing) the last two medicated cycles. I will keep you in my prayers.

  2. I'm sorry for the lackluster results. Wouldn't it be nice to just get some good news sometime? I have heard many times over though, that your response to the meds are much more important than any number. I know it's hard to see the silver lining, since we all just want to be "normal" when getting tests done like this, but try to focus on how awesome your response is to the meds, because a lot of women with your numbers might also have little response to meds, and that alone is a huge win for you! I am interested to see what your RE says.

    It seems like no matter what the issues are, most RE's still tend to go through the same ladders of options no matter what. It seems like such a crazy thing to take every person through the same continuum of treatment, all with different problems, but that's just usually the way it is. I know you had mentioned being close to IVF anyways, so maybe this will be one more reason to move forward with it. In some ways, it might be a blessing that it will just make that decision easier and you'll have your baby even quicker than if you stuck with IUI alone. Either way, I'll be thinking of you. Try to not let those junky tests get you down. You can't change what the numbers say, and you are doing all you can already. Remember, that knowledge is power! I'm glad you pushed for them to have the tests done so you really have a true picture of how to proceed!

  3. ugh. This journey has so many ups and downs. And the downs really really suck! I am sorry love. Once you talk to the doc you'll have a better idea of what is next. In the meantime I hope you can enjoy some R&R with DH. Big Hugs!

  4. Suzanne, I am so sorry girl. Just so sorry about the AMH results. Even though it looks bleak, I've seen low AMH result in pregnancy and you have gotten a BFP before. Def take supp's to improve egg quality, you want CoQ10 or ubiquinol and Insosotil or Royal Jelly. Those will help, I'd ask your acu for their recommendations too. I take CoQ10 and Inosotil and it has really helped. I'm pissed that your RE didn't test this stuff before, but at least you know now and can be proactive. *hugs*

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