Thursday, April 18, 2013

All is not lost...yet

I say that with a cringe, because at this point, well, it's hard not to.

My estradiol levels dropped to 150 on Tuesday which my doctor considered good news. They are "hopeful" that another week of the bcps will get me where I need to be.

I retest on Friday and I'm crossing my fingers (toes and eyeballs) that the number is continuing it's downward slope toward suppression. We shall see.

Today is officially day 21 of the pill, so looks like at a minimum, I'll be on them for about 4 weeks total. Quite funny for someone with DOR that was so worried about over suppressing and I did the opposite.

I had originally scheduled a phone consult with my RE in Chicago after the news on Monday that we may have to start from scratch if my estradiol was still high. I had a whole list of questions and concerns. After I received the news that we'd continue to creep along, I cancelled that call thinking, well, my questions are now sort of irrelevant at this point and I'll probably need to talk to him next week when all goes south again. To my surprise, he called me anyway even though I'd been taken off his schedule. He wanted to check in with me regardless. Super nice. I was a wee bit flustered as I then had to think up some good questions!

I did address the concerns I have regarding another month on the bcps and he said that if it came to that, we could reevaluate our protocol and if I can get a good baseline we could potentially go right into stims. This eased my mind tremendously, as I can't help but feel like continuing to put off any treatments in the months following my lap/hysteroscopy when I should be at my most ready to go, was a bad idea.

So that's it. No real news or start date. Just continuing to monitor my levels and hope for the best. Thanks for all the kind words in your comments. The certainly can help talk a gal off the ledge.



  1. Yay for falling estradiol! That's great news! Hopeful all is not lost yet and that next week's appointment will bring more great news!

  2. SO glad that your doctor called you anyway - that is so nice. And I'm sure it eased your mind even more especially with regard to treating with him.

    Hoping for continued falling estradiol! xoxo

  3. I'm so glad that your levels are lower, that's awesome! It sounds like you have a really great dr and are in god hands. I hope everything continues to go your way!

  4. Awesome News! Such great news to start your weekend. Fx that your estradiol levels keeps dropping.

  5. I hope the news on Friday was good. I am so impressed that your RE called you to chat, check up on you, and answer questions and stuff. That is awesome! Just one day at a time, you are in good hands, I can fee it!

  6. So glad your numbers are coming down. It's been a year and three months since my lap. My doc continues to tell me it doesn't matter for IVF but I wonder about that as well.

  7. So glad the levels are dropping. What an exercise in patience! Hoping and praying it's all totally worth it.

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