Monday, August 12, 2013

My poor little bum

Got a whopping shot of methotrexate this morning and it HURT! My rear end is still throbbing 12 hours later. Unfortunately, I'm sitting on it for the next four hours on my flight to Los Angeles.

My doctor called me over the weekend to discuss the jump in my hCG levels. I also found out that my pathology report showed no pregnancy in my uterus. We could have continued to check my hCG levels for another week, but at this point, I'd rather get this over with. So it's done. Might I mention how difficult it was to swallow a birth control pill knowing it had nothing to do with prepping for IVF and strictly to prevent pregnancy. Sad. Moment.

I emailed CCRM this morning to let them know what's going on. I've kind of held back on a lot of this until I knew for sure. I was really worried with their strict standards what methotrexate would mean.

Seems I was right to be worried. While most RE's (and my obgyn) say three months of no TTC, CCRM says SIX! My heart hit the floor. That's February. Which means the soonest I could even possibly be holding a baby is November, 2014.

There is a chance (like probably a snowballs chance you know where) that it could be sooner, my RE at CCRM is out till Wednesday. Six months is what the nurse thinks the wait is...but I'm guessing she pretty much knows. She did say that we can do the mock transfer and biopsy during the waiting period so I guess at least come February, we can officially move right into my transfer cycle.

But still...big freaking bummer.

Of course, my silver lining in all of this and the one thing that is keeping me sane and hanging in there, is my donor's fresh cycle is still full steam ahead. I was told they expect her to start birth control pills around 8/29 and a potential egg retrieval around 10/6.

At least I'll can hopefully know that I have some cute little frozen embies sitting on ice biding their time for my body to be ready for a little cozy time.

This week I plan on enjoying the southern California weather, the great restaurants and a little me time when I'm not working.

I go back Saturday for a recheck of my hCG...hopefully this finally gets things moving in the right direction.


  1. I'm hoping that the warm, sunny CALI weather will be just what you (and your sore bum) needs :) xoxo

  2. Oh, I was really hoping you would avoid the mthtx shot. I'm so sorry, but it sounds like a good decision for your health and that's a #1 priority. I sure hope that 3 months is enough to wait, and not 6. You have waited LONG ENOUGH already.
    Enjoy CA

  3. That shot f'ing blows. Sorry woman. Hang in there. CA sunshine will make it feel a little better hopefully. :s

    You are going to have a couple dozen eggs being retrieved from your donor in no time and I bet it will make all of this craziness just a tad bit better. I know you'll be chomping at the bit by the time you get to transfer the embryos yourself, but slow and steady so it work THE FIRST TIME is better than rushing into something that backfires. I'm glad they are being cautious with you. ((HUGS))

    Enjoy CA as much as humanly possible!

  4. You amaze me. You are able to stay so positive in the wake of yet another hurdle. I look up to you and you inspire me on a daily basis.

    You are right it sucks. But once Feb gets here - full steam ahead! Just in time for a Thanksgiving baby. Is there anything to be more thankful for!

    Xoxoxo. Biggest, largest, tightest hugs.

  5. Ugh! I was really hoping that it wouldn't come to this! : ( I'm so sorry Suzanne! 6 months... blah! But I have to say I respect CCRM's policy: methotrexate is nothing to mess around with, so if there is ANY reason to think it would jeopardize a pregnancy, then this is the right plan.

    Hope California is fun and relaxing! You deserve it!

  6. Oh bummer!!!! I hate waiting. You'd think after so many years waiting we would have gotten better at it by now! I hope the beautiful weather is just what you need.

    Maybe you should plan some fun activities over Christmas to break up the wait. That's what I did when I had to wait from October-April to try IVF again.

  7. SIX WHOLE MONTHS?!?! Goodness gracious, that's craziness. But, I like that they are so cautious. And, I really like that your donor is still cycling and you will soon have some wonderful little embies sitting on ice.

    HUGE HUGS to you, girl. This has been one heck of a roller coaster ride this summer for you. And, you are hanging in there like a true champ! xoxo

  8. Sorry for the bum pain!! Shots down there kill! Your donor sounds beautiful and so much like you!! I'm so happy that you have that she is moving forward and your embies on ice to look forward too!! Time goes so slow with these dumb things!! Crossing my fingers they don't make you wait 6 months but congrats on finding what sounds like an awesome donor :)

  9. Suzanne, huge hugs. That stinks. I'm thinking of you and hoping that this phase passes quickly.

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