Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Clomid...Round 1

Well today is my last day of Clomid. I'm taking it CD 3-7. I'm doing all my normal monitoring: BBT, Ovacue oral and vaginal readings and I'll start OPK's on CD 10. We're going to do our best not to miss a beat, so we started BD'ing last night! He leaves town tomorrow so we'll BD again tomorrow morning and when he is back on Saturday, so I'm not really concerned about his absence since we'll still manage the EOD this early on.

I've had no physical symptoms with the Clomid. Which is a good thing I imagine. I've heard of mood swings, hot flashes, etc. I've had nothing. Hopefully on the low dose (50mg) my lining is in good shape. My doctor didn't seem concerned about that. I'm taking a baby aspirin every morning, hoping to help. We're also using Preseed in case the Clomid creates a "dry environment". Not sure there is anything else I can do at this point but cross my fingers and baby dance my heart out!

I did call my doctor's office yesterday to question them about not being monitored while doing the Clomid. How do I know I'm responding to it? What if I release tons of eggs and end up being the next Octomom!? (I know, that was IVF) This is just my slightly controlling personality that I have to know the why's and why not's of everything. Apparently they do monitor cycles of Clomid at their office. I don't have to go to a specialist, but they typically don't start monitoring until cycle 3. I guess that's fine for now, I'm pretty sure I'm going to bring it up again if this cycle doesn't work though! They already have a lab order waiting for me for my progesterone check a week after ovulation.

Alrighty, that's it for now...good luck to all my other TTC ladies out there, maybe this will be our month!!!!


  1. Fingers, toes, and various other appendages crossed for your BFP with Clomid!! LMAO, here's hoping for no Octo-mom! ;-)

    OK, I've read about women using the baby aspirin. What is the benefit? I've read about women loading up on vitamin B complex as well. I think that's for luteal phase stuff, but I'm not sure.

  2. Baby aspirin can help with the uterine lining. Since a side effect of clomid is a thin lining, I decided to try it. I've used the B-6 for the luteal phase.
    Go out and enjoy that cute new skirt!!!

  3. Good to know... Thanks! Do you feel the B6 helped at all? Did you take it in addition to a prenatal vitamin?

    I will! The weather in Wisconsin has been fantastic... loving it!

  4. Honestly, I'm not sure the B-6 helped or not! I took it for 3 months and those 3 months I had a short LP! I did take it in addition to my prenatal.
    I'm in Indianapolis and the weather here has been perfect!

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