Friday, May 4, 2012

Weekend Distraction

I'm headed to St. Louis this weekend. Road trip, just me, leaving the hubs behind. FYI, I lived in St. Louis for 11 years. I spent my last 2 years of high school, college and early twenties there. Needless to say, many friends to spend time with in a short weekend. I actually think this will be really good for me. If I stayed home, I would be wanting to test every day, I'd be analyzing every little symptom and I think this will be a good distraction. I've got plans every single minute of the weekend. What's even more impressive. I'm leaving my thermometer and Ovacue at home. I know that getting readings the entire month helps to establish a pattern, however, the Ovacue readings after ovulation really create a lot of anxiety for me. I know I've ovulated this month and there is nothing the readings are going to tell me that will change the outcome. So I'm on a mini-vacation from it all!

About 8 years ago I lived with one of my closest friends while she put her life back together. She had a 1 year old at the time. So at 24 I was able to experience just a little bit of what it was like to have a child around. That little girl is almost 11 now and I've continued to remain super close to her. I'm like the cool aunt that lives out of town that she gets really excited to see. I can't help but be flattered. So tomorrow, her and I are spending the day together. I'm really looking forward to the carefree attitude of a child. What better remedy could I ask for.

Of course my challenge will be the non-drinking thing. I know I'm still very early in the dpo stage, but I still want to try to keep any alcohol intake to a minimum. I really everyone to really know how hard we're trying. It's so easy for folks to say that in those first few weeks before you know, it's like "freebie" time. Well, they all have happy, health children. I may get a drink and just sip all night. They're less likely to notice if I order a drink and don't really drink it vs. not ordering one at all. So that's my plan.

So with that said, I'm off for a non-ttc consumed weekend!!

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